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Fill the boot is great but.....


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  • Fill the boot is great but.....

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    Ehh, I think a lot of people claim to "hate" or "dislike" the police because they want to THINK they feel "cool" by saying that because some idiotic d. bag said that.

    In all reality, they all love the police.


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      So you think the firefighters should do police work because firefighters are viewed with a "hero worship" and police aren't?

      As for "Fill The Boot" around here the city council said no to FF standing at lights anymore. If people want to donate, they have to go to the firehouses. FTB is a wonderful fundraising project that does not financially benefit the fire department.

      The police have Shop With A Cop at Christmas time. Each department has its own community interaction and it is what you and the community make of it.

      The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. – Thomas Jefferson


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        God made Policemen so Firefighters could have heroes too!

        "Yes sir, I know you have rights."
        "In fact, I know your rights better than you do!"


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          "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit" - Aristotle


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            Don't let the hose draggers get you down.... The public will always have a different opinion between LEO's and Fireman, that battle will continue long after we are gone.

            People in general do not like to be told that they are wrong, told what to do, questioned about their actions etc, etc. Police do not get people into trouble, people get people into trouble, don't sweat the small stuff.

            Be happy knowing you picked the right side.........




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                  If you're going into law enforcement for people to like you, seek alternate employment. Personally, I could give 2 poops what anyone thinks of me besides my wife and immediate family. That's not to say I go out of my way to ruin somebody's day. And on rare occasions, we do get thanked for doing our job. You have to take the good with the bad.
                  "Valor would cease to be a virtue, if there were no injustice." -Agesilaus the Great


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                    Originally posted by Super_HKS View Post
                    How bout we give firefigters a god damn class on handing out tickets when they see an illegaly parked car or catching speeders, or how bout this........
                    Instead of having the police come out to a DV call, give the fire department the authority to make arrests and judgement calls while on scene.
                    That's really not a good idea. Working in both fields I would say that many firefighters, though they are skilled at fire supression, would be horrible LEOs. And who knows, a "Pass the Hat" might just work in your local community.

                    Unfortunately our job is to deal with people at their worst, and those are the circumstances under which they react to us. I think there are many out there that respect LEOs for the job we do. We just don't ever have to deal with them, because they also have respect for the rule of law. Those we do see, don't respect the law, that's why we're dealing with them, the majority of the time. It also a function of people not knowing that many of the LEOS they see probably have worked fire or EMS in the past and possess many of the same skills that the hose jockeys or the band aid boys do. They just don't see us using those skills because we have other things to accomplish at that time.


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                      Both are heros. Just in different ways.
                      The Red, Bold, Italic is my official sarcasm tag.

                      "I think many years ago an advanced civilization intervened with us genetically and gave us just enough intelligence to develop dangerous technology but not enough to use it wisely. Then they sat back to watch the fun. Kind of like a human zoo. And you know what? They're getting their money's worth"
                      George Carlin


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                        Don't hate the player, hate the game! Hate the people who are starting the fires and making the firemen into heroes!

                        ^Obviously, I'm joking... I do want to say that the above is a good point. Our
                        society needs both policemen and firefighters to keep everything from falling apart. It is amusing to me though, that there is so much animosity between these two groups of heroes.

                        I used to see firefighters with the boot collecting money in traffic too. Haven't seen it in quite a while. I have to wonder if it has been restricted in my town as well.

                        Unfortunately, as someone else said, people see police most often at the worst times of their lives, and often develop a negative stigma towards police. On the converse, those who view the police favorably probably do so because they don't have ANY involvements with the police (or any negative ones, as the case may be) due to their law-abiding behavior.

                        Obviously there are other factions of people who fit into other as-yet-unmentioned categories...For instance, those of us who are law abiding aside for a past mishap, for instance speeding and being pulled over, or being involved in a traffic incident. There are so many factors going into whether one likes the police or not that it is difficult to pinpoint. Some families cultivate a culture of criminality, and unfortunately it is those people who are often doing the things that attract police attention, warrant police involvement, and further emphasize (in those people's minds) that the police are not their friends.

                        After considering the family structure and familial teachings, you have also to consider one's associations with police. Have they seen negative incidents involving the police and their friends? Family members? Do they have friends and family involved with the CJ system?

                        Although it sounds as simple as "people like firefighters and dislike the police", it runs much deeper than that.
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                          Isn't the pass the hat for Jerry's kids/ march of dimes. heck I've given them a few bucks while sitting at a light in my patrol car. It was a friend and I made his day by calling him a water fairy but hey it's for a good cause.
                          The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.


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                            I personally do not want to be approached in my car while I'm at a red light by anyone, much less by someone who wants money, so I guess I don't like that sort of idea as a fundraiser at all.

                            Just remember that it doesn't take a whole lot of time to give a smile and wave to that 6yo boy sitting in the restaurant who calls out "Hi, Mr. Policeman!" if you popped in there for a restroom break. You don't even need to slow down in returning to your car, but said 6yo will be on cloud nine (couple years ago now).
                            Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear. --Mark Twain


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