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  • Medical Question?

    So here we go. I hurt my back; don’t know what the reason was exactly. Probably a herniated disk in the lower back. This was in Jan of 07. So here I am lying on the floor staring at the laptop screen with the same problem 20 months later. WHAT A DRAG. After the first time I recuperated to 100% and I expect the same will happen again.

    I have also been looking at joining the police academy for about a year now and have trained mentally and physically during that time. I currently work at FedEx moving freight and I believe that is a major contributor to my back trouble. The first injury was on the job. Second time was on a weekend.

    So I will turn in my application sept 4th (the first open day) and the first test is Oct. 6th. If a recruiter went and looked at my medical history and seen 2 back injuries within this time, can I expect to be rejected?

    Second question. I know this is playing a game here on this one but I have a prescription for a MRI. It is my option whether to have one done. But If I don’t have one done nobody including any doctor will know exactly what made my back go out. Or would it matter to get a MRI and know the exact reason even if it meant getting back surgery which would surly reject me from an officers role? NEED HELP!

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    You might, or might not be a Cop. You will have the same back for the rest of your life. Take care of yourself.


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      First off, this is a very delicate area. The recruiter will not look at your medical history nor will he discuss it with you. He is not a physician and lacks the medical training and expertise necessary to evaluate or make commitments regarding your medical condition. In addition, the American's With Disabilities Act prohibits employers from making disability related inquiries of an applicant except in connection with a bona fide offer of employment, so any recruiter that discusses this with you except to tell you to go through the process and see what the department doctor tells you, is putting himself and his agency at risk.

      The problem here appears to be that you have not seen a doctor, so you do not know the true degree of your injury (if any). This can be good and bad. When you get as far as the department medical, you can honestly be vague about your back injury because you do not yet have a true, medical diagnosis. You can call it an unknown back injury, pulled back etc. because you really don't know what it is. However, they will do x-rays and an MRI and find out during the physical. On the bad side, by ignoring it and not having it checked out now, you run the risk of suffering greater damage.

      FWIW, here is what they look at and some of the implications for back injuries in law enforcement:

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