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  • Has this ever happened to you?

    Hey guys; seeing we all talk a great deal about family matters here, I thought matters with other people counts. Today me and a co-worker we're talking about what we did over our two day break. Him and I are seasonal employees at a local village and our hours are set that we get off Thursday and Friday. We began talking when after I told him about my recent trip to DC and Baltimore he mentioned he saw someone from my high school.

    She was someone I was familiar with from a class I took junior year and when he started working with me I asked if he knew her. He said yes and added he'd love to talk to her and catch up as well as say he knew me. Well on one of our off days at a party he caught up. After establishing my name the girl instantly said how weird I was. That I wouldn't give up on one of her friends and the lies she told on how I did it.

    What upsets me even more is that I feel as though I was mistreated. I don't expect people to remember me and if they do be respectful. Blatantly lieing and calling out someone behind their back after I made it a point to ask him about her and tell him how nice she was gets me crazy. She even said to him that she would call the friend to let her know where I am. At that point in time I'm thinking; jeez calling me out is one thing but saying you did it to your friend and telling her how I'm doing. Too much.

    I was asked about it and shruged it off as a normal joke but it upsets me to think someone would do that especially if I made an effort to praise you even if I didn't like you. People say you should be truthful and honest with your emotions; unless they influence another's about the person you talk about. I'm going to end the rant but I'm sorry I needed an outlet. I guess if you've ever had a story like this it'd be helpful.

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    You sound like a nice person. You're young and will learn that not everyone is nice. Not everyone was raised to be respectful or to tell the truth.

    Be glad that you're the kind of person you are and don't let people like that bother you too much...I know it hurts but they are just not worth it. You can't change them.


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      Sounds like this girl hasn't matured since high school... keep your head up.


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        Oy vey.

        You cannot change others.

        Her actions are NOT a reflection of you.

        Don't expect rational behavior from an irrational person.

        Please. Learn these things now...it will same you some heartache down the road.

        I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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