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Career Change - Family/Work-Life Balance Considerations


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    I had a feeling,,…..


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      Not a cop thing, but Army.

      I had a 1SG who wasn’t great, but wasn’t on the GTFO list. He might have made SGM if he stuck it out.

      He decided to retire as soon as he hit 20 anyway, at E8, for many similar reasons: work/life balance, stress, constant deployments, etc, etc… but that required he get a job to keep his wife in the lifestyle to which she was accustomed.

      He became a civilian gate guard at the same post he retired from. Went from being somebody to being nobody overnight. We would wave and say “Hi First Sergeant” when we saw him. It was a dagger in his soul every time. Dude lasted like 6 months, don’t know what happened after that.

      My point being, maybe there is another way to find that life/work balance without giving up everything you worked to achieve. Another agency, another position, something that lets you have a little more relaxed lifestyle without throwing in the towel completely.
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