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    "Think outside the box" came from the solution to a puzzle, one that is occasionally used as a bar bet. You draw nine dots on a piece of paper so that they define a square. You then ask someone to connect the dots with a single line, never lifting the pen from the paper, and never retracing a line.

    It can't be done unless you extend your line outside the box defined by the nine dots. This is one of many solutions to the puzzle:

    The phrase "think outside the box" has come to mean going outside of the conventional constraints imposed by problems, to look for innovative solutions.
    Tim Dees, now writing as a plain old forum member, his superpowers lost to an encounter with gold kryptonite.


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      WRONG TIM!

      The phrase "Think out side the box" was from a late 1990's Taco Bell comercial. It refers to their tacos being wrapped in Paper and not IN A BOX, Like the Big Mac.

      Come on you expect us well educated college graduates to believe that Fruedian mumbo jumbo psyco babble Bull Trash? Plllleeessse!

      It takes a Wolf.......


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        Originally posted by katzeyze View Post
        Some other tips:
        For the spouses of a LEO-
        Don't make your spouse feel guilty for missing that birthday party for Aunt Birdie or the funeral for Uncle Fred because they had to work.

        Don't brag about how you SINGLE handedly pulled off the birthday party for your three year old daughter and how WONDERFUL of a time EVERYONE had.

        Do try to video tape events or at least take lots of pictures to show your spouse when they have a shift off. Then when you show them try not to gush too much about how cute Suzie looked in her frilly little dress.

        Tell your spouse everyday before they leave that you love them, even if you're mad at them, that way if something happens you won't live with that regret the rest of your life.

        Check in advance to find out if your spouse wants to go Cousins Billy's wedding on his one of his only shifts off that week BEFORE accepting any invitations. It will save arguments later on down the line.

        If you are hosting some sort of get together at your house, don't do it when your spouse has to sleep.

        If your spouse has a weird shift try to mindful of things like: The kids screaming and running up and down the hall, the dogs barking, the telephone ringing and the volume of the television or stereo while your spouse is asleep.

        If your spouse has to work on: Super Bowl Sunday, The Indy 500, The Kentucky Derby or whatever gets them off, offer to record or Tivo it for them.

        Crock pot cooking is marvelous. It will allow you to keep a roast, sloppy joes, homemade stew, chili, or pulled pork filling waiting for an extra 3 hours without drying it out.

        For the LEO's-
        Bring home an occasional "surprise" gift for your spouse. A single rose bud, a bottle of their favorite drink, the new book that just came out by their favorite author, the new issue of Guns & Ammo or some other thing that costs less than 20 bucks but will pay in dividends later.

        If you have to miss bedtime and it is at all possible, call up to tell the kids goodnight.

        Call your spouse and tell them good night/good morning once in a while.

        If your coming in off of a late night shift, stop at the bakery and get some coffe cake (or donuts, muffins, danish, etc.) and bag of her favorite coffee beans (or grounds) for breakfast that morning.

        If you do have to work during an important family function try to at least call and talk to the celebrant(s) and offer your congratulations, happy birthday, best wishes, or what ever.

        Remember to let them know how much you appreciate the little things: a clean house, raising the kids, walking the dog, keeping the house quiet so you can get a good night sleep after a particularly long shift, etc.

        You know what your spouse can or can't handle. If your spouse will freak out about some guy who was high on meth swinging a golf club at your head, don't feel the need to share that with them. However if they are the unflappable type it's okay to let them know how hard it was on you when you responded to that call about the four abused kids living in abysmal conditions.

        For either-
        Leave your spouse a little I love you note on the bathroom mirror, refrigerator door, coffee pot, pillow or wherever they are most likely to see it when they get home from work, before bed or when they wake up.

        Cherish the time that you have together. You never know how long that time will last.

        Does that help?
        Outstanding. Well done.
        Prov 17:17 A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.


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          Originally posted by BlueandBlue

          good post Katz!
          Originally posted by GPOC View Post
          WOW...I am going to recommend and request this be a sticky somewhere on this site. This is quite possibly the best thing I have EVER seen written on this site and honestly for me to say that is alot.

          Great job..u have me speechless on this one
          Originally posted by pujolsfan146 View Post
          Outstanding. Well done.

          umm.... wow. *blushing madly* Thanks guys. What I posted comes from my personal experience.

          The job I work presently used to have me working odd shifts and odd days off. Now I work an almost normal shift, but still miss out on things. I especially know how it feels to work on Christmas Eve or some other big event (like my daughters first birthday) due to scheduling conflicts. Very seldom do the 9 to 5ers (or someone who has never dealt with LEO's) of the world understand that not EVERYONE operates 9 - 5, Mon through Fri off every weekend, boatloads of holidays off (making for three day weekends) and bosses who think that a 1 1/2 hour lunch is normal.
          R.I.P. Sgt. 1st Class Raymond J. Munden

          You're service and sacrifice will not be forgotten.

          Kieth M.
          I once knew a guy who said, "I'll step over any nine to get to three threes!"

          I knew at that precise moment that he and I would never get into a fistfight over a woman.


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            Originally posted by Irishluck31 View Post
            It has something to do with eating tacos, maybe?

            With regards to the family, I have no idea what it means.

            tacos sound really good. its been a year since I have had a taco bell taco. I cant wait to eat a taco supreme.

            What were we talking about?

            Be careful with eating those tacos, ain't no telling what you'll catch these days.


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              Damn fine job, Katz....honestly...great post.

              I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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