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Parents unhappy about me not coming home for Christmas


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    Originally posted by tanksoldier View Post
    Become an SRO. Our contract with the school district requires SROs to schedule time off when school is out. Yours is probably similar.

    SRO gets priority for time off during holidays because he CANT take time off any other time.
    It may be different with your agency, but around here those kinds of special assignments are often highly coveted and competed for. It sounds like the OP's agency is pretty seniority-based, which may make it hard for them to nab something like that, even if their agency offers it.

    I also find that younger/newer officers are less interested in things like SRO, preferring more action-oriented roles like patrol. I typically see those specialty slots with more 'regular' hours populated by older/more experienced officers, especially once they start having families.

    All that said, it wouldn't hurt those in similar situations to investigate these types of positions and, if it's that important, start doing/learning the things needed to be the best candidate when a spot opens.


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      Originally posted by Iowa #1603 View Post

      Tell Mom it is what it is..................................My mother got use to having Christmas in January or February (depending on the weather on my days off) I lived over 4 hours away from my entire family for 30 yrs.

      .You can explain it over and over but it is up to your family to understand.....................You feeling guilty about the facts of life is on you .....................


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        So how did Christmas go?


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          People need to understand that you have responsibilities you need to adhere to. Simple.

          I was engaged to a girl who last year landed a job in Perth, on the opposite side of the country. She became despondent when I told her I wouldn't be making the move with her for a little while as I had work and other responsibilities, though I was looking at joining the Western Australia Police, so we agreed we'd both travel back and fourth until I settled my affairs. I ended up flying out there, almost weekly, from Melbourne, and in terms of distance, that would be akin from flying from New Orleans to Los Angeles. I did this for months, and it was incredibly draining. She only did the same about six times, all the while asking why I couldn't "just quit/take more time off" and so on. One weekend she got ****ed because I couldn't go to her friends' wedding with her, because I had to attend the funeral of a friend of mine. I ended it right then over the phone. Life lesson learned.


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            It`s always hard to bw apart with the family, but it's your responsibility to work!


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