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horrible parents...


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  • horrible parents...

    This past Friday I went with some friends to this bar called the green iguanna in tampa. (This is the new one on westshore, for those of you who know it) I arrived about 10:30 pm. As I was walking in two women were walking out. One was somewhat sober and the other was trashed. Normally, nothing out of the ordinary. But this time they had a little girl with them, she might have been 8. What the *****? I ask the guy at the bar about it, he said, "I know, I know, they won't get far. Ole Smokey is waiting, I already called." What kind of parent gets hammered and drives with their kid?

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    Disgusting. But i do know of parents who do it.

    Is this a restaurant/bar? I didnt think kids were allowed in regular bars, that's why i ask.


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      Horrible Parents

      It happens more often than we realize.What makes it a little worse is when you see "All Stars" of the type you described. Then, you think of all the people who would make wonderful parents, but for one reason or another can't have children.


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        Hearing this really ticks me off. I have 5 sons. So maybe thats why. No, thats not why. This ticks me off because that child is at the mercy of the parent. Also, the child has to trust that his/her parent will make good choices and look out for their welfare. I would hammer this girl if she got behind the wheel. I dont know if the bartender had any more options other than to call the police. Can they refuse to serve in your state to someone who walks into a bar with a minor?
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          They let kids into bars in Florida????!!!!!
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            Man... Willow, it's not exactly like that...Most bars you get carded when you come in, and kids would not be allowed in. BUT, we do have Pool Halls where lots of times a single mom will go out with some other single moms and bring their kid/s along with them... Sometimes they are drinking, and sometimes not. Many of these places still allow smoking too, which is no good. I hate going in those places voluntarily, I feel bad for the kids who are dragged there and made to hang out in it while mom gets her kicks. Sad.

            It is amazing to me that some parents keep their kids out as late as they do.


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              Good grief! Why can't they get drunk at home.

              Stupid parents. They put their lives in danger and others when they drive home.
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                Well she arrested for dui and child endangerment. That's what I heard from a buddy of mine that works for TPD. It's a bar, but kind of like a restaurant. Channel Sise is the worse at that. That's why I don't go there anymore....


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