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  • Return to sender

    Is 'Return to Sender' the best option for forwarding the mail of someone who hasn't done a change of address in over 4 months?

    I still get his Porac magazines, local PD newspaper, CalPERS statements, and health insurance mail. (Although I kinda enjoy reading the magazines. He used to just throw it away.)

    I can forward the mail to his PD. I can identify him by name and badge number, or forward it to his parents address but then, these two require effort on my part that he should be responsible for.

    (There's been no contact since except for inquiring about mail. Once a month I put his stuff in a garbage bag with a note to 'do a change of address' and leave it out on the porch for him to pick up. I've given him 4 notices already. Rookies can't be that busy...or does it take over 4 months for a change of address to take effect? )
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    A postal change of address can take affect immediately. The carrier will no longer deliver his mail to that address. But usually HE has to put in the change.

    After a certain amount of time, the carrier can put in a "Moved, left no address," but i cant remember how long that is (i was never a letter carrier). Then, all the mail will just go back to the sender with that code on it. You can write on the mail "moved" and put it back in the box, if you want the carrier to take it back with them. I personally wouldnt do favors for anyone who cant put in their own change of address. It takes 5 minutes to do.

    Any other questions, you can PM me.


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      Writing "Return To Sender-No Longer At This Address" seems to do the trick for me


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        Talk to, or leave a note for your carrier (bundled with all mail you do not want) informing them that so and so hasn't lived there in 4 months and you do not want his mail delivered to your house. The carrier will likely hold it at the PO for 10 days (in the odd chance he will inquire about his mail lol). After that the carrier will fill out the Moved, Left no forwarding address card. You may still get 3rd class junk mail addressed to him, as that is not forwardable. Or you may not, depends on the carrier.

        As a carrier, I don't understand how people can just up and leave, with no forwarding address for their important stuff. It's so very easy to can even do it online without even going into a PO. Over the years I've seen so many people do it. I've sent back refund checks, dividend checks etc. I don't get it. Usually it's people running from collectors, but still...who would just forget about a tax refund?


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          Originally posted by gpd810mertie
          Usually it's people running from collectors, but still...
          Or some type of civil process, perhaps?


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            If he gets playboy magazines I am sure there is plenty of takers on here who would call those.


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