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  • Living the life

    Hey everyone, this question goes out to everyone and anyone's opinion is greatly appreciated. My question is what is the life of an officer like, I know this is generic and I will give more details. how is your personal life? can you see your friends on a regular base? what about for those with family's, do you get to spend time with them when you want even if they have different schedules? The reason I'm asking all of these questions is because i'm on the cusp of becoming an officer and I don't know what is ahead of me. Is it hard to have a relationship with these off hours? and what about other special occasions like weddings or holidays.

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    Law enforcement has substantially higher divorce rates than just about any job. You can probably extrapolate from there.


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      Just pay her and you'll always have a friend...
      Now go home and get your shine box!


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        A regular basis is a relative term in LE. I work a fixed rotating schedule that switches from days to nights every two weeks. So to them, my time off, as crazy as it is, is regular to them. Officers can get involved in details within their agency that would turn any regularity upside down such as working a K-9 or detective position.

        My profession as a police officer is NOT my life, it is a part of my life, yet I place it in high importance. Anyone coming into this profession has to figure out a way to make that balance work for them.

        You're gonna miss some special events because of work like weddings, (if it's your, then that's on you) Holidays, and other special events. Friends and family will just have to accept that, but most of all, so will you. If those things are bothersome for you, this line of work is not for you. But, don't fret, police officers are allowed to take vacation if they have some accumulated.


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          You can forget seeing your family with any kind of rest during the holidays. You will undoubtedly work most of them as a junior guy and as a senior guy you will be gobbling up overtime. I'm lucky my family completely moves holidays for me. I can celebrate and work my overtime.


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            Originally posted by infamousx View Post
            how is your personal life?
            Not bad, but it has challenges.

            Originally posted by infamousx View Post
            can you see your friends on a regular base?
            This is the great delimma of law enforcement. The friends you had before pinning on the badge will slowly disappear and be replaced by work friends. Your "before" friends won't get what's happening to you and will find excuses to not be around as much. So, in short, yes, you will get to see your friends on a regular basis because your friends will be your coworkers.

            Originally posted by infamousx View Post
            what about for those with family's, do you get to spend time with them when you want even if they have different schedules?
            No. You will miss Birthdays, Christmases, Thanksgivings, Anniversaries, Dinners, School plays, etc, etc, etc. You're family will carry on without you most of the time. All too often, they grow to resent you and your career. There's a reason cops have the highest divorce rates in the country.

            Originally posted by kontemplerande
            Without Germany, you would not have won World War 2.


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              Make sure that being a law enforcement officer is part of your life. It will be difficult but, as long as you make time to do other things and see the people you want and care about then you can. I would come home on Xmas morning and open presents with the kids. I would go to sleep and they would and the family would go to grandparents for the other stuff. It also helps to have an understanding woman next to you.
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                Yeah its not like it is on Blue Bloods. (unless your father really is in charge of the department) Then you ALWAYS make Sunday Dinner no matter what.


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                  Originally posted by Baysidegal View Post
                  Yeah its not like it is on Blue Bloods. (unless your father really is in charge of the department) Then you ALWAYS make Sunday Dinner no matter what.
                  I'm working Tues-Sun this week, 72 hours minimum if nothing happens. My Dad needs to get off his tookis...
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                    I've been at it for two years, and in this very short amount of time, I've come to realize to savor my weekends off and to ensure that I'm spending my time off with my wife and family. There are often shifts that run over, court that's scheduled on days off, and overtime opportunities that cut into off time. Finding the balance is key in this profession.
                    Also, planning on having to work holidays has become the norm. Your family will understand that if somebody has to protect them on the holidays, it might as well be you.


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                      Shift/weekend work is a social life killer but there are strategies to make it work, like celebrating B-days and holidays a couple days before or after the actual date.

                      I have a theory why sometimes cops marry people in other shift worker professions like other cops, nurses, blackjack dealers, exotic dancers, etc and it has to do with only they will understand a world where days off are spent sleeping and holidays are rarely celebrated like everyone else gets to celebrate.

                      Yes you will miss out on a few life events like weddings and whatnot, especially at the beginning. As time passes you will figure out how to best play the scheduling game, plus you'll eventually will gain tenure over new hires and laugh at the guy with three years on when he asks for the entire Thanksgiving weekend.

                      As far as personal life goes, smart people compartmentalize their professional lives and their personal lives. The less the two intersect, the better.
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