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  • Injured Police Officers

    Due to the way I have been treated by my own Force, I am in the process of starting up a trust fund to help injured officers.
    I have also located an area of woodland which the owner is prepared to sell cheap to enable the trust to build a small number of log cabins. This will be a place for injured officers to get away from the stresses of the job.
    My plan is to allow officers from anywhere in the world to have a break with their family whilst recovering from their injuries.
    The trust will also maintain a fund to assist with financial worries.

    Any ideas on fund raising out there????????

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    Great idea! However how much will all of this cost?


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      Dallas Police Assoc has the Assist the Officer Foundation..... perhaps they could help you out..... http://www.atodallas.org/index.html
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        I hope to get funding from anyone willing to help such as any large corporations.
        Even if its $1/


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          I don't know if this would help you out or not...


          This is an organization in my area that helps families when an officer (EMS, FF, or LEO) falls in the line of duty. They are an amazing organization and it truly brings tears to my eyes when I hear of what they've done and continue to do for families. They take over house payments, car payments, help put kids through college....it really is amazing.

          Maybe they could give you some ideas on how/where to start your idea.

          Good luck!


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            Well I'm suprised that this idea has not taken off, isn't there a cop out there interested in helping his fellow officers??


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              Try getting your local judges/courts involved. When people have to pay fines, see if a portion of the money can go toward your injured police officer fund. We have a great one here in Vegas. Here is the link. Contact them for more direction....


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                Seems like recently the easiest way of makin money from a fund raiser is those little colored rubber bracelets everyone is wearing and selling. And I know was brought up in another topic, but those calendars that the FF always do make some serious cash.... just a thought...
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