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  • Before Video Games (Board Games)

    Before Video Games came into the home,What were some of your favorite Board Games you played with your spouse or family,A couple of years after I married my wife, taught me how to play Backgammon.I must admit I was lousy,she would beat the crap out of me.I finally figured it out and actually won on my on,and would boast about it.That really got under her skin and she flipped the board as I was about to win,and said no more.Yeah sore losser its been 10 yrs since we last played,What about your Board game action?

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    I love video games. I'm a video game junkie. My very first system was a Nintendo back in 1985..I remember playing Legend of Zelda religiously. Anyway, when I was super small, my mom and I would play Sorry, Monopoly, Checkers and Backgammon. Then I grew up, turned into a nerd and got hooked on RPGs. I was just in it for those neat little lead figurines.


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      I always enjoyed board games more than video games. Uno, Scrabble, Monopoly, Sorry, card games in general, and my personal favorite: chess. My second wife (and now ex-wife) was the biggest sore loser you could imagine. I once saw her get furiously angry with a 4 year old who caused her to lose a video game, and she lost her temper several times in front of friends when she was losing on card games and other table games. I suppose you can see part of the reason we are divorced. My first wife was too dumb to figure out any board games, so we didn't do much of that. Besides, she was too tired from running around to play anything with me. I've gone off on a tangent haven't I? Anyways, my girlfriend and I will burn up the Scrabble board or lay down a game of Spades like crazy. Now if I could teach her how to play chess...
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        I am also a video game junkie. I started with a Coleco Vision when I was 6. As far as board games go, I used to play Axis & Allies.
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          Go out and buy upwords,especially for children 12 to 17 if they are good in school especially spelling,they will kick your Butt,Mine were honor students and made me get on the dictionary on several occassions to challenge their word choices,9 times out of 10 they were right,But all 4 of us would sit down and play for hours,its frustating to get whipped by teenagers


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            I always liked twister


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              I dont play video games.

              The board-type games i grew up playing were:


              In the "other type" category:

              Go Fish (card game)
              Uno (card game)
              Trivial Pursuit
              Password (loved it!)
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                UNO attack rules! Then you can make it into a drinking game!

                CHess, battleship, Life, That war game withthe generals and hidden bombs and game...I even had the emergency game and the dukes of hazard game!
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                  Hey, how about Operation??

                  and Mystery Date?


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                    risk, monopoly, life ( i think it was) but then again i'm to young and ever since i was old enough i had a atari to play with, then commodor64, then sega, nintendo, sony...

                    games have ruined my life .....................ruined it for the better


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                      I spent Friday night playing Trivial Persuit (Canadian Edition) with my friends. I still can't get any of the questions right. I prefer it in the form of a drinking game.

                      Games from my more "grown-up" years:

                      -Trivial Persuit

                      Games from when I was just a wee one:

                      -Ready, Set Spaghetti
                      -Mouse Trap
                      -Shift Tac Toe
                      -Connect Four

                      As for video games, I absolutely blow at them. Even the racing ones. I cannot for the life of me keep the stupid car on the tracks. I will say this, though. You have not experienced video games until you've played them on an 8' projector screen.


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                        scrabble is one of my favorites. Not a board game persay, but i like card games alot, specifically poker.


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                          Originally posted by Jellybean400
                          Hey, how about Operation??

                          and Mystery Date?

                          I loved Operation. Mystery Date was so much more simple and fun as a board game than it is in real life.

                          I also liked Go To The Head Of the Class.

                          Now I like Scrabble, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Life (again, much more fun as a board game than in reality, lol), Sorry, Battleship...I enjoy almost all board games, actually.
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                            Originally posted by Buttercup
                            Life (again, much more fun as a board game than in reality, lol),
                            I too find that the game of Life is nothing like life in reality.


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                              My gal doesn't like actually playing the video games cause every time she loses she gets frustrated, so she just watches me and is content with that.

                              'We' just beat "The legend of zelda - A link to the past" on the SNES, and now were going to "Zelda 64" .. She hates to play but has no problem screaming "Hit him there!!!" while wildly pointing at some obscure part of the baddy.

                              And as always, Doom 1, 2, TNT and Final are my personal favorites, which drive her nuts because she can't understand whats going on. I suppose thats what I get for getting a gal that NEVER played video games before she met me.

                              As for board games, we really like this game called "HeroScape" and Clue.


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