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How Does a Person Cope?


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  • How Does a Person Cope?

    On Thursday, June 12, a PD in a small city/town in Southern Colorado lost two of their finest to what is being labeled a murder/suicide. The officer was retired with 30 years of dedicated service, while his wife, a dispatcher with the same agency, had 21 years of service. Allegedly, Danny shot Priscilla, and then turned the gun on himself.
    My wife went to school with both of them, and worked with the officer when she was a Reserve Officer, and I met Danny when I worked booking in the County Jail.
    Somehow, it all doesn't seem real, and I know my wife is having a difficult time dealing with the loss. Are there any suggestions someone might offer that might help her/us get through this difficult time? I'm at a loss, and although I realize things will get better as time passes, I'd just like to be able to say something positive to help my wife get over the funk she is in. Thanks!

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    Contact the Concerns of Police Survivors for your area

    A couple years ago we had an on-duty officer commit suicide..............COPS came in and really helped...................
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      I agree with with what Iowa stated. The worst thing that you can do is nothing. Reach out to COPS, they are the experts in dealing with this situation. The days where we keep things bottled up inside need to disappear for good.
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      Everyone else we run local and NCIC


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        Make use of COPS, or any therapist available through your health plan.

        I am not, for one instance, saying that anyone's crazy. The fact of the matter is that you're likely normal people affected by very abnormal events. talking it out, with a trained someone who can elicit more in-depth responses from you is a way to uncover, discover and discard.

        I am so very sorry this has happened. It was probably a very dark and scary place where he found himself and his best thinking said that death, for them both, was the only way out.
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