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Becoming a police officer after a harsh breakup with another officers daughter.


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  • Becoming a police officer after a harsh breakup with another officers daughter.

    I used to date the daughter of a police officer. After a couple of years we decided to have a child, thereafter the relationship came spiraling downward mind you, no drugs, alcohol, or commitment issues was not the problem. I'm now in a custody battle for joint custody of the child and haven't seen my baby in almost a year.

    My question is, I'm applying to become a police officer In a county/city over 30 miles away from his old station. Assuming I am recognized, could he jeopardize my career?

    Thanks for the honest replies.
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    Assuming you advance to the background investigation phase of hiring, you will be identified as the father of the officer's grandchild. A diligent background investigator will talk to the officer and the child's mother.

    Could grandpa jeopardize your potential career? That depends on what he has to say and how much credibility he has in this instance.

    I would be more concerned about what a year-long, unresolved child custody dispute says about your ability to handle adversity.


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      You decided to have a child with someone who has commitment issues, out of wedlock? Sounds like a decision making problem to me.


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        I believe very well grandpa would do something of that sort. I hope he doesn't stoop to that level. But these matters are on their way to getting resolved I just wanted to know what sort of power (if any) he has over my career. I guess its up to the department. Any more info on the matter would be gladly appreciated.

        And to Sierra259, I was stating that commitment was NOT the issue. birthing a child can be more than skin deep for some women and sometimes they're mindset isn't where it needs to be.
        But yes, shame on me for getting myself into something like this.

        Thanks for the info.


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          I think the first mistake was dating someone that has a cop for a father. I have 3 nieces and that was bad enough. That is like handling dynamite. Handled correctly and everything is fine. Incorrectly and you are 5crewed. Oh wait, maybe that is all women.
          Stupid has no color or race, everyone can participate.


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            You screwed.
            Getting shot hurts! Don't under estimate the power of live ammo. A .22LR can kill you! I personally feel that it's best to avoid being shot by any caliber. Your vest may stop the bullet, but you'll still get a nice bruise or other injury to remember the experience.


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