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I.D. theft, maybe, involving my 24 y/o son?


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  • I.D. theft, maybe, involving my 24 y/o son?

    Hey, all -

    I want to believe my 24 y/o son is not a complete idiot. Never been arrested. Says his pot-smoking days are way behind him. Hasn't fathered any kids out of wedlock. He didn't exactly burn up the college credit points. But he did go to a trade school and get a certificate in audio engineering. He actually did quite well - graduating in October of '07.

    Okay, so the audio engineering resume is out there for lo these many months and the kid has been trying to keep himself afloat by getting any job....music store, Home Depot, Target, et al. He's not getting hired. He's afraid someone has used his name or SSA number out there in felony land and since no one ever tells him why he wasn't hired, he's wondering if it's that.

    He got a clue when he discovered that a boyhood friend of his was in prison, in California. My son sent an application, seeking to visit him. The app was returned, disapproved - due to a felony conviction (remember, my son's never been arrested). The name on the CDC response was not his, but the social security number was. And remember, no one at the SSA will tell you who has used your SSA number, if and when you ask.

    I admit I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed on many matters. Does this sound familiar to anyone here on O.com. Any ideas on how to research and rectify this situation if it's true?

    Edited to add....I'm going to post this in the Corrections section as well, maybe someone from CDC will see it.
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    If he is here with you just have him get a criminal history run through a private source. If someone has used his identity have him Report it as a crime to the agency where he lives. Identity theft and any agency where he resides should take the report. Then have him contact the social security office and have them fix whatever problem there is if that is the connection. An easy way to find out if someone is using your SSN is get a copy of your credit report for each of the 3 reporting companies. Experian, Equifax and Transunion. Colorado is a free state so so can get one report from each company for free each year. From there it actually is far more of a PITA. If someone was arrested using his info he has to contact the jurisdiction where the "arrest" was made and prove that it wasn't him to get his name cleared. Expect it to be a huge pain. Some places are more easy to work with than others. I have had a few victims here that went through a very hard time trying to prove the same thing.
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      I'd contact someone in DOJ CII and ask them to check re: Identity Theft investigation. If someone has established a criminal record associated with him (violation of 529.3 PC), he has a reason to know and a right to know. He may or may not need to hire an attorney to clear it up, but I'd hope CII would be concerned enough to handle it on their own once they are notified. Good luck Kieth!
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        It's Not All That Unusual

        When CLETS first came out in 1969 and there were no information privacy laws, the DOJ instructors taught us to run all our friends, neighbors, relatives and each other to get used to working the system and learn how to read the printouts. When running Criminal History and Wanted Persons Checks on each other, we would periodically get hits with lengthy wants and histories. It always turned out that while being booked sometime in the past, some bad guy who was now wanted gave a fake SSN that turned out to belong to an officer. It was no big deal. It just took a few minutes of reading through the printouts to figure out why we got the hit. It's probably the same with your son and without having his prints to sort things out, the Department of Corrections decided to err on the side of caution.

        Assuming your son's criminal history (or lack of it) centers around California, he can get a copy of his rap sheet by following the instructions here: http://ag.ca.gov/fingerprints/security.php The problem is, I don't know if this will tell him who has been using his SSN as an AKA. Perhaps the folks at the record review unit (whose phone number is on the web page) can point you in the right direction.
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          You may also want to (as silly as this sounds) get a credit report run. I found out by surprise that my name was associated with several different social security numbers, addresses and phone numbers. I am still dealing with the aftermath of this. Including when I lost my Sam's Club card and had to get another one - they told me the account was expired. I ended up getting a manager over only to find out it was the "OTHER" D*** C***** in Connecticut and not the D*** C***** (name edited to prevent stalkers) out here in podunksville, Tenneucky. When they DID get the right account they found out that gee, I knew what I was talking about and my account was current.
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