Okay, I know the rules say to "keep it clean" and I will do my very best.

I have finally figured out some reasons why adult video action is often very enjoyabe to watch, what makes it true fantasy entertainment...I've never see these things in a XXX movie:

(1) No one ever coughs up/chokes on a loose hair.

(2) No man ever suddenly finds out that his mouth now tastes like his own underarm deoderant, due to a transfer from his armpit, to the woman's ___, then he places his own mouth where his armpit was previously. There is, after all, nothing like the taste of aluminum chlorhydrate!

(3) It's pretty exciting, for a male, thinking that merely knocking on a random door, or arriving to do some mundane repair of an appliance will result in a zesty session with an absolute stunner (or two, or more).

(4) No woman ever says, "Hey, did you brush your teeth?"

Most importantly...

(5) No actress, in an adult movie, has ever uttered the scripted line: "Quiet, I think the kids hear us!"

Of course, you guys may have other input....