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  • Somewhat of subject

    I'm sorry if this is of subject but, I don't know where else to post this question. I have my application in.... Written and PT test next week.

    How does your schedule work.... That is, when you are on patrol do you devote specific time to traffic stops? What % of your time is doing traffic? Do you like that aspect of your work? I will not know until I have some experience doing it but.... it seems to me that would be my least favorite thing to do.... I could be wrong of course.



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    It depends. In some areas of big cities you'll be so busy anwsering calls the thought of actually making a traffic stop is laughable. Usually your percentage of traffic enforcement per shift is tied to how heavy the call load is...traffic is what you do when you are "patrolling" along with checking areas of your patrol district that you will soon learn need checking. However, when you do have some down time, making traffic stops is the some of the most proactive policing you can do. Traffic stops can and do uncover all sorts of other stuff. I don't think it's boring at all. At the very least you'll get a laugh from some of the things motorists will say and do to try and get out of a ticket, but you'll also learn that a traffic stop gets your eyeballs in the vehicle and allows you to observe the occupants and ask them questions...and THAT's where the fun starts!
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      Agreed! Traffic stops have been the most memorable overall so far! Sure you get those crazy calls, but the traffic excuses are fantastic...especially when they get the ticket
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        This will all depend on your individual department. Pretty much however we are on our own to do whatever we please. It's the freedom to go and do whatever that is a draw to this job.

        I love it.
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          Clearing calls come first, then traffic unless its done in font of us and it was a bone head traffic violation.
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