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fastest speeder ever caught?


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    101/45. Got him with my front attenna while while I was moving in the opposite direction. Luckily, he pulled over right when I turned around and activiated my blue lights. He went to jail.

    In a 45 zone anything over 60 is technically a misdemeanor. Careless and reckless is a misd. too.

    What he didn't know was that 1/4 mile up the road past the curve traffic was stopped because rush hour was starting. He was an idiot... Oh, and he had his 14 year old daughter with him that he had just picked up from school.


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      short answer

      Originally posted by saabx View Post
      my friend told me the other day that he hit 135 mph on the highway! I told him that if he got caught, the police officer would arrest him. He told me that you can't get arrested for speeding and that no officer would bother pulling him over at that speed.

      i want to prove him wrong - if he were going 135 mph, what would be the penalty? (given he has a clean record) and would an officer really not try and pull him over?

      example: say he drove past a speed trap - would the officer just let him go considering the time it would take to catch up etc or what?

      p.s this took place in western MA, if there are any officers on this forum from that area

      short answer your buddy is wrong. That kind of speed is reckless endangerment especially if there is other traffic on or near by. No we wouldnt just let him go because of the great speed, quiet the opposite. The speed over 80mph in Va is not speeding but "Reckless Driving" so at 135mph "Reckless Endangerment" isn't too far a leep. Either way it's more than just "speeding". Wheter I just charged them with Reckless or RE a trip to the magistrates office would be my course of action at 135mph.
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        Originally posted by VA Dutch View Post
        Thanks for the story, though, and I guess the CHP would have "owned" you had you been caught going that fast. Didn't the CHP use some Camaros for patrol duty back then? I think they even painted them in black & white and only had a red spotlight instead of a light bar on the roof.
        They did have some Camaros in the fleet at the time, and they were in black and white with the CHP star on the door. I can't remember what kind of emergency lights they had. They weren't very practical for anything except pursuit, though. The trunks couldn't hold much gear, and transporting a prisoner was pretty much out of the question. A few years later, they went to the 5.0 Mustangs as their special pursuit vehicles.
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          Originally posted by Skiracer View Post
          Lots of speed traps between Bishop, CA and Mammoth Mountain since its a nearly straight road in the middle of the desert going to a major ski resort.
          It's not a speed trap if all the officers do is catch you going too fast. People driving the speed limit are never bothered by these "speed traps."
          Tim Dees, now writing as a plain old forum member, his superpowers lost to an encounter with gold kryptonite.


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            I think what Mr. Racer referred to as a "speed trap" was not what you had in mind. While I am not familiar with that particular area of California, I do know that there are some stretches of highway where the posted speed limit is 10 to 15 mph below the average traffic flow. Every state has them, I guess.

            We all know of those places marked 55 mph where 65 to 70 is the 'average' speed of most traffic and even higher speeds are reasonable when traffic is very light. Ticketing violators there is like shooting fish in a barrel.

            {Not trying to hijack the thread....but figured this needed some clarification.}

            The comments above reflect my personal opinion as a private citizen, ordinary motorist and all-around good guy.

            The aforementioned advice should not be construed to represent any type of professional opinion, legal counsel or other type of instruction with regard to traffic laws, judicial proceedings or official agency policy.


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              132 in a 60 is the fastest I caught but there were several just under that. Fastest clocked was 192 in a 50. I did not even bother to turn around. The best one was the one where the skids indicated 140 in a 50. BTW, he was demolished.
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                118mph for me.


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                  106 in a 40 - I knew there was road construction ahead so I took my time and caught up with him a mile down the road when he got stuck in traffic. He was driving one of the new Subaru WXR cars that just fly right from the factory. Cited for over 100 on a roadway = 1 month license suspension, $500 fine and 2 points on his record. I didn't go for reckless because the guy didn't even try and lie, had a spotless record and won the coin toss .


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                    My best is 89 in a 55, I know it is kind of week but what the heck! Was still new to the game, I walked up to the car and asked the driver if he would have liked to wind up in a cornfield when the road curved about 1/2 mile from where I stopped him. I wrote him the ticket telling him that the $105 he would be paying is worth the valuable lesson. In Illinois 40 mph or better over the speed limit is a class a misdemeanor. We also seize the vehice. If you run from us and you go 21 mph or more above the limit you will be charged with a felony.

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                      Alledgedly a long time ago,I know someone who was a pasenger in a car that got tagged for 85 in a 25.

                      Driver made a left at about 60 and blew 2 tires on a curb into a front lawn.

                      His tix was $500+ along with a bunch of other ones.

                      The rest of us( alledgedly) were told to walk home which was fine since it was right around the corner

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                        your friend is a moron to even try to contest what you have told him... Yes he would go to jail, and eventually he will end up killing some innocent person. Time of day does not matter at all. It is people like him that keep the coroners office in business.


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                          The fastest guy I stopped had travelled at 180 km/h or 113 mp/h on a state route, trying to evade police. He was doing 60 mp/h while within city limits where speed is limited to approximately 30 mp/h. Thankfully it was nighttime and no one got hurt.
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                            I had an incident involving a pursuit of a freshly stolen...minivan.

                            I saw the vehicle, lit it up as I turned around on it, and out of habit I switched my Stalker over to same direction faster mode. As the driver fled I locked in a speed of 118 MPH in a 30 MPH zone.

                            The driver continued to flee and as he topped a hill approximately 300 yards in front of me he decided to black out in an attempt to lose me. The driver apparently did not know the roads and failed to negotiate a 15 MPH prima facie curve resulting in the minivan being split in half.

                            Now, as the scroat bag law of probability prevails once again...the driver was uninjured.

                            Driver gets tampering first degree, felony DWI, felony DWR, felony fleeing, speeding 118/30, careless and imprudent, and wait for it..... no seatbelt.

                            He'll be out of our hair for about six more years.

                            Missouri law states that 1-5 over is an infraction and 6+ is a misdemeanor thereby being technically an arrestable offense.


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                              Man I was hella lucky in my younger days....
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                                I believe the fastest I have stopped was around 110 and I got lucky because when I hit my over heads, the driver slowed and I was able turn on him and catch him. I judge most traffic stops based on situation and this one happened to be out on a highway at night with little traffic. I took the environment into consideration and just sited him for speed.

                                Should the circumstances been different, such as heavy traffic, then he stood a good chance of going to jail. The danger of traffic and someone else getting hurt could have justified reckless driving.

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