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Impossible evidence on speeding ticket


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    Originally posted by Buckwheat469 View Post
    It's rather disappointing that people like you are hanging around a support forum when you should be sitting at the bottom of a hill waiting for the person who can't adjust to the gravitational acceleration quickly enough.
    This is a "support" forum?
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      Hi I am Dave and I am a Copoholic
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        Buckwheat, what do you expect from this board? To dismiss your ticket?

        Argue your case before a judge, bring your charts and you calculator. We're hearing only one side of the story, yours, and the judicial allows for both sides to be heard.

        This is NOT a support group. It's a question/answer group. You my not like the answer you get, but none that I"ve read are hateful or anything. Just realistic.

        A cop does not need to "bait" anyone into speeding. There's enough of that so an officer could spend six of his 8 hour shift merely writing speeding tickets, and I mean (where I live) at 20 over.

        If there was a mistake on the officer's part, present your evidence to a judge.
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          Wow....obviously Buckwheat has WAY too much time on his hands!! Dude, chill out...it is a 35 in a 25 ticket! Not a vehicular manslaughter case!!! LOL...Chill Pills are in aisle 3 of your local grocer!!
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            Man, Buckwheat, sounds like you got baited by one of the masters..And don't forget to bring an easel for the presentation.


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              Originally posted by ChiTownDet View Post
              Man, Buckwheat, sounds like you got baited by one of the masters..And don't forget to bring an easel for the presentation.
              ...and wear a three piece suit.


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                RobertD, thank you for the excellent advice. I will bring as many copies of my images as I can. I went back to the location and took photo evidence to show the visual range of where the officer was sitting. I also went further down the hill to show that even further down has less view. I also plotted the point where he would have marked me at 395ft on a map and marked the lines of sight on the same map. Given the curvature of the hill (from where the officer was sitting - up 3ft, then down and to his the left), he could see for no more than 100ft. I have a picture of a phone pole about 100ft away and you can't see the bottom 5ft of it. He would have had to look over an embankment before marking me at the location that he did (395ft away). As far as I know lasers don't bend over hills and embankments.

                For everyone else, I'm not using this forum to get out of a ticket. I'm using it to find out what I need to bring into court to make my chances as high possible to not have the ticket on my record. I could care less if I pay the fine, I really don't mind that, but what I do mind is a mark on my record for a cop that has mistaken evidence on the ticket. RobertD offered excellent advice, which was exactly what I needed. I really wish more people would have offered this level of advice. I know cops like to stick together and back eachother up, I would too, but not all civilians are out to do wrong, sometimes people make mistakes. I may have made a mistake for driving fast, but I know that the ticketing officer made a mistake by marking 395ft when he could never have seen me from that distance.

                Thank you again.


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                  Originally posted by Vtfuzz View Post
                  My guess is that the officer didn't "track" you at 395', that's the distance that your speed was checked by LIDAR. It's not easy to beat LIDAR if that's what he/she used.
                  Exactly what I was going to say. Probably the distance that he got you with the Laser (LIDAR). A ticket for speeding going uphill is not going to be easy to fight either because it shows clear intent to speed (you actually have to give the car more gas to speed, unlike going downhill and accidentally picking up too much speed). If you choose to fight it, you might win but then you might also end up paying the ticket and the court costs.

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                    Originally posted by Buckwheat469 View Post

                    For everyone else, I'm not using this forum to get out of a ticket. I'm using it to find out what I need to bring into court to make my chances as high possible to not have the ticket on my record.

                    Thank you again.
                    No, but you ARE looking to get legal advice for free, go to lawyers,com and ask them. We are the prosecuting side of the equation here NOT the defense.
                    Advice you want, advice you got inspite of the no charge pro bono stuff.
                    Call a lawyer if you want actual advice...
                    I got nothing for now


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                      You're probably going FASTER than you think ...

                      Perhaps look up Cosign Effect ... When it comes to a stationary speed measuring device and an angle is involved, the speed measuring device's reading will be measured in lower speed than actual speed.
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                        Buckwheat469 or any officers from the Tacoma area that happen to be in court that day, I would love to hear how the case goes. Buckwheat469, please keep us informed of the results. RobertD gave some very thorough advice. I'd love to hear the results (as I'm sure other people could benefit from that advice as well).


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                          Just go to court and wait patiently for your name to be called, walk up to the bench when it is, and politely ask the judge: "what time do the kangaroos show up?".

                          That should 'bout do it.
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                            395' what's the beam width on a LIDAR.....hmmm about 3-4". I love LIDAR. You can never lose in court if you have your ducks in a row.


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                              Those of you that are jerking the OP's chain should please go back and re-read the "request for civility" message thread a posted a few weeks back. If you can't be helpful, please sit on your hands.
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                                Originally posted by Buckwheat469 View Post
                                Thank you for your replies in advance.

                                I recently got a ticket while driving up a fairly steep hill. Doing rough calculations it was a 2.5 degree grade for 900 meters (approximately). The road was a 25 mph, and the hill had a slight declination at its peak, where the officer was parked. The hill also curved slightly to the left (while driving up it). The officer had to look down and to the right to see me.

                                I was clocked at 35mph, which I immediately stopped as soon as I saw him. I pulled over and went through the whole process. I then went home, did some research on the hill and found some errors on the ticket.

                                First, my driver's license number was misspelled, but my name was spelled correctly. Also, the officer claimed to have tracked me at 35mph for 395ft. As I mentioned above, the hill had a slight decline at the peak, where the officer was parked. I later went to the place where the officer was parked and took pictures and found that he could not track me for more than 100ft. I also went one street further down the hill and looked again and found that he would not be able to see beyond the embankment across the street.

                                Do you think I would have any argument that the ticket should not be allowed as evidence with inaccurate data on it?

                                Thank you again.
                                I'm interested to know how you got such a precise 2.5 degree slope doing "rough calculations." Unless you had a pretty darn accurate topographic map or a clinometer and friend handy, I don't think you'd be able to get 2.5 degrees. Please, enlighten me.


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