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reciprocity question?


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  • reciprocity question?

    A few weeks ago I recieved a speeding ticket in North Carolina, however I hold an OH DL, not an NC. I was curious if NC and OH are in the NVRC and if they will send it to Ohio BMV & if i'll have points assessed to my license? I'm basically concerned with my insurance company finding out and jacking up my rates. if anyone could help me out or direct me where i can get a more clear/conceise answer, it would be appreciated. thanks!
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    Reciprocity Question.

    Chances are, both your home state, and the State of North Carolina are member states of the Interstate Driver License Compact. You need to concern yourself with two possibilities if you fail to take care of the citation.
    1). Upon notification from the State of North Carolina that you have failed to
    appear, or pay the citation, your home state will suspend your Driver's
    License until such time as they recieve official notice from North Carolina
    that you have taken care of the citation.

    2). It is entirely possible that your insurance carrier would find out about the
    citation and suspension. Your rates/coverage could be adversely effected.

    The simple answer to your question is, yes, there is reciprocity between states regarding driver's licenses. The reciprocity applies regardless of whether or not you were cited by a Trooper, Deputy Sheriff, or City Police Officer.


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      In addition to my previous post, yes ,points would probably be assessed against your Ohio driver's license.


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        Well, i'm going to pay the ticket regardless if the two states share it or not. i'm more concerned with my insurance rates going up.


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          Yes, Ohio will suspend or revoke your license if you choose not to pay a citation in NC. To my knowledge, only Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Tennessee, and Massachusetts are not members of the Interstate Drivers License Compact. And, yes, information from a NC citation should show up on your Ohio driving record.
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            I hear that reciprocity can be cured with penicillin.


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              Originally posted by Guams View Post
              I hear that reciprocity can be cured with penicillin.

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