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Appropriate use of hazard lights


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  • Appropriate use of hazard lights

    I drive 18-wheelers for a living and I asked this question in a trucking forum and got mixed replies.

    when driving overnight sometimes I deal with a lot of fog. Well we are supposed to slow down to give outselves about 5-6 seconds of stop distance. So last week that happen and speed limit was 70, then I slow down to 45 mph which gave me about 5 seconds from start of vision to my fender.

    Problem is no one else really slows down. They torpedo past me and I worry it makes me the hazard. I was told we generally do not use hazards in the rain, but what about the fog situation? Should i run hazards or no?

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    I don't see a reason you couldn't. Putting your hazards on warns other drivers to be more careful and increases your visibility.


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      Have used my hazards during a snowstorm ... they draw attention to you during bad weather.. all is good


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        I often see big trucks with their hazards on when going up long hills....... your scenario would be no different .
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          Regardless of weather conditions, any time you are going significantly below the speed limit and/or the flow of traffic it's appropriate to use your hazards. I'd never cite a trucker for increasing visibility and cautioning other drivers. Frankly, I've seen so many cars slamming into the back of slow-moving trucks that I'd like to see ALL of them using their hazards...


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            I use them as necessary, to include in heavy rain that causes me to drive significantly below the posted speed limit.


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              Actually, in Florida it is illegal to drive in inclement weather while using your four way flashers. It creates a distraction and people behind you get used to seeing the tail lights flash and when you actually apply your brakes it takes them an extra second or two to realize you are slowing down. Here is an article about it.



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                I bet Florida is not the only state where it is unlawful to use "hazard lights" when driving. What drives me nuts is when some drivers use them when it is raining and they're driving 45 mph in a 70 mph zone in the center lane of Interstate 95. If anything, they ought to be in the RIGHT lane if they are driving far slower than the average flow of traffic.

                The comments above reflect my personal opinion as a private citizen, ordinary motorist and all-around good guy.

                The aforementioned advice should not be construed to represent any type of professional opinion, legal counsel or other type of instruction with regard to traffic laws, judicial proceedings or official agency policy.


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                  Hazards are to be used on the shoulder for stopped vehicles.


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                    Agree with Florida Smokey, VA Dutch and Nola T.

                    I can understand the drivers wanting to do use them in such conditions. Though I'm not going to be stopping you and writing you when it's pouring rain. But the lolly gagging in the left lanes ****es me off and I will write for that! Rain or shine!

                    IMO the standards for the rear lights on trailers could greatly improved.


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                      In Colorado, and I suspect most states, hazards are
                      not to be used on a moving vehicle.

                      As others said we understand why you do it and few if any are going to cite you for it, but that makes it impossible to tell you how they are “supposed” to be used... since they aren’t supposed to be used at all.
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                        Here in Texas, using your hazard flashers during inclement weather isn’t just allowed, it is encouraged.

                        Basically, law enforcement wants Texans to be safe, so a driver is allowed this option as a safety precaution to make themselves feel safe.

                        The Department of Public Safety says using your hazard lights while driving is acceptable if you feel like you’re in danger. Personally, it feel it is ridiculous when I see someone turn their flashers on because it starts sprinkling rain....... but it is allowed.
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