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    2 lane road each direction with center turning lane. The gas station is on a corner. Where I want to turn in gas station has a left turning lane for up coming intersection, double yellow line on my side. About 100 feet it turns into solid,broken lines. For both direction turning lane. Is it legal to enter median over double solid to wait in turning lane, for left turn? I usually stay in driving lane to wait for clear left turn. A truck behind me laid on his horn and told me to get in the f***ing turning lane. Am I correct. New York state roads.

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      Originally posted by houstonstrong View Post
      No crossing double yellows
      Are you sure? He's in New York. By your User ID, I'm guessing you're in Texas. Different states, different rules

      This is a subsection of Ask A Cop. You're not allowed to respond to other people's questions here unless you are a sworn LEO. Doing so violates Terms of Service and could be grounds for banning. Your own post says you haven't even started the academy yet.
      You can trust just about every officer you work with to risk their life to save yours, but don't ever leave your lunch in the breakroom refrigerator.


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        Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I've removed my comment.

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      My following comments are based on my oersonal driving experience in USA and Canadian jurisdictions, enforcing Saskatchewan provincial traffic and Canadian Criminal Code traffic laws and sections, and observing traffic as a vehicle passenger in Mexico and Cuba. You would do best to reserach your loca traffic laws.

      If the centre-lane-for-left-turns is delineated by a broken line nearest either lane-of-travel with a solid line inside the broken lines (in other words, nearest to the centre turning lane), then it is the same as if there is no such centre lane, and simply one traffic lane delineation centre marking of a broken line paralleling a solid line.

      A vehicle (V1) travelling in the lane next to the broken line CAN, if safe to do so, veer out of its lane to pass another vehicle (V2) travelling in the same direction ahead of V1, but MUST return to its original lane of travel thereafter as soon, and as legally safe, as possible, all while NOT exceeding the posted / legal speed limit.

      V1 may only LEGALLY make a left-hand turn, crossing the opposite direction-of-travel lane(s) of traffic, at either an intersection of a second road that bears cross-directional traffic where there is NOT a physical (raised or sunken median) or other (painted road markings, signage, barrier gating, other automated lights, and / or authorized official conducting temporary or permanent manual control) barrier, or at a location, between roadway intersections, where a roadway authority has NOT installed such controls.

      Summary: know your law, but, NO, you can NOT turn into the Quickie-Mart from the centre left-turn lane.
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