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Pulled over for tag light being out


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    Originally posted by Lisad721 View Post
    wow -- thanks for all the responses -- New bulb in so we should be good to go. The information about the lack of request for the license or registration or insurance came from the write-up of the stop, not my son. Or rather, I should say, it was not mentioned that the officer did ask for it for identification, as opposed to the other incident with the incorrect charge. And before you start with the snide remarks, my son left his wallet in the house that night, so he had no identification on him. So the officer did not ask for his license because I'm sure she would have cited him for that as well, and he does not keep his registration or insurance card in the car. So he had no ID on him at all -- dumb move I know. So the officer saw the tag light out and ran his plate to find out whose car it was -- and figured she hit the jackpot -- especially since the arresting officer in the previous case was called out for his "mistake" when arresting him using the wrong statute. I'm sort of stunned that officers such as yourselves would be so sarcastic. I simply asked a few questions about a minor traffic stop. My grandfather was a retired police captain, and my uncle a detective.But you guys are something else. My first question -- and my last. One arrest for pot and someone is a "doper?" Wow. Glad none of you were ever young and stupid. I'll make sure when driving at night I pull over frequently and run around to the rear of my car to make sure that my tag light didn't burn out.

    One arrest. Hmm, how to address this. Ok, here goes.

    Go ask your LE family members how many DUI arrests they made. Then ask them how many were “first timers”. Then ask them how many of the “first timers” were arrested the first time they went out drinking.

    ONE arrest means ONE time he was CAUGHT by LE.

    You got all of your info from indirect sources. In legal terms “hearsay”. YOU weren’t there, YOU didn’t experience the stop, YOU have no idea what happened. I sure hope your son is under the age of 18, because it would be pretty sorry that “daddy” has to wipe up for his “little boy”.

    If you son doesn’t want to get stopped for traffic infractions, then he should be sure his vehicle is in good mechanical working condition when he goes out onto public roads AND be sure that he follows and obeys all traffic laws. This won’t “prevent” him from being stopped, but it will surely “minimize” his chances of being stopped. You stated that the officer ran his plates and assumed it was a ‘jackpot”, so I’m thinking that he’s gotta be over 18 because in all of the states I can think of, a minor cannot be the RO of a motor vehicle. I could be wrong, so these are simply my thoughts at the moment.

    Now, moving to other business. Depending on the size of the LE agency that arrested your son is, it is likely that the “traffic” officers are not connected to the other officers that made the arrest for MJ unless it was done on a traffic stop. (You didn’t provide much info there). Realize that in a court of law, it is the “prosecuting attorney”, NOT the “officer” that brings up criminal charges. Officers serve as “witnesses” to the prosecution. The “prosecutor” is an “attorney”, who will be responsible for filing charges.

    Your initial post came off with a bit of an attitude, hence why some of my colleagues responded in kind. Please understand that we hear all kinds of stories, see all kinds of situations. Many of them are repeates. Only the names, faces and a few minor details change, otherwise the story is like watching a really bad re-run movie.

    Please get your son the help that he needs. Both of you may also benefit from going on a ”ride along” if your local PD allows it. You can then understand what officers go through on a daily basis and may have a better understanding if not better respect for the LE community.

    Good luck!
    Getting shot hurts! Don't under estimate the power of live ammo. A .22LR can kill you! I personally feel that it's best to avoid being shot by any caliber. Your vest may stop the bullet, but you'll still get a nice bruise or other injury to remember the experience.


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      Well....it IS the law for your license plate to be illuminated from 50 feet. The fact that you feel the officer was being petty for stopping your son for an equipment violation is neither here nor there. It is what it is.


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        When people complain about so called minor stops such as tag light, I wonder how they would feel if they were a victim of a hit and run but couldn't read the tag due to the tag light being out.
        Judge me by the enemies I have made----Unknown


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          The biggest thing people miss (in general) about minor crimes is how often they lead to much much bigger things. In residential neighborhoods I usually stopped at 5mph over. People called it chicken **** and bush league and other stupid things but besides changing driving behavior around children packed streets it lead to plenty of DUI's etc. Same with minor traffic. I stopped a ton of tag lights out and it has lead to drugs, DUI's, etc.


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            Originally posted by careerchange#2 View Post
            The biggest thing people miss (in general) about minor crimes is how often they lead to much much bigger things. In residential neighborhoods I usually stopped at 5mph over. People called it chicken **** and bush league and other stupid things but besides changing driving behavior around children packed streets it lead to plenty of DUI's etc. Same with minor traffic. I stopped a ton of tag lights out and it has lead to drugs, DUI's, etc.
            Excellent point. Ted Bundy and Timothy McVey were both caught due to 'bush league' traffic stops.
            Judge me by the enemies I have made----Unknown


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              Originally posted by Lisad721 View Post
              Hi just a quick question -- how often would you pull a person over for the tag lamp being out? In our state, the plate needs to be visible from 50 feet -- but isn't that misleading since the plates reflect, you would be driving behind the vehicle in question with your headlights on so the plate would be visible via reflection? I just feel like this is a bush-league traffic stop. But wait -- it was at 1:30 a.m. so maybe the officer was hoping or assuming that there would be more to the stop, potentially? After the stop, the officer approached on the passenger side, which I found odd, yelling to open the window -- and when the driver reached over to open the window -- she screamed not to come closer -- the driver had to explain that the car has manual windows. And finally, after all of that, the driver was never asked for his license, registration or insurance. Anyway -- is the tag light stop something that happens often? A passenger approach (the street was very quiet with no traffic and adequate lighting)? Never asking for ID?

              The driver in that incident was my son, and he had been arrested two months PRIOR on an incorrect charge for which I had to hire an outside lawyer to get corrected to the proper charge. The officer charged incorrectly and it went through the prosecutor and the public defender. The arresting officer used the wrong statute on the arrest, which made it a felony instead of a misdemeanor (marijuana). So in the tag light case, did the officer run his plate and see his prior charge? Thank you! I am trying to understand how all of this happened.
              My quick qualifications before I answer: Canadian citizen, 35 years Canadian law enforcement experience, all of it in uniform (except 3 days on VIP security), most of it on General Duty (kind-of like a USA Municipal / County / State Police Officer or Deputy, but kind-of not) plus Traffic Services (as well as alcohol-impaired-driver detection / identification device or instrument training, and some VIP security), retired over 7 years, been mostly working real jobs since.

              Your questions:
              - how often: LOTS;
              - visibility when MY headlights hit HIS LP: not relevant;
              - while not a question, more a response to your "...bush-league..." comment: did he get a ticket (to pay a fine and / or appear in Court), or a written warning, or was NO paper issued? IF there was a ticket, it would NOT have been one I would have issued, or certainly one that my last boss would have tolerated, but the investigating member, or her boss, or Unit, may have a stricter mandate, OR often such a charge is used for "attitudinal adjustment", or instead of a higher-fine offence. If option #2, it was probably to document the stop. If door #3, so what? Either way, #2 or #3 are NOT life-changing, and #1 only minor so;
              - more at that time of night: I agree;
              - passenger side approach: excellent choice. The member is out of the driving lane, and throws the "client" off-guard, plus allows view of the interior from a non-traditional point;
              - screaming by the member: I am going to call that as an embellishment by your son;
              - fail to ask for ID: I am going to dump a cart-load of horse apples on that member for poor execution of her duties, and I do not care if my sisters or brothers on here do not care for my kicking her in the arse, because she DESERVES to be spoke to;
              - such stops: again, lots:
              - such stops: ditto;
              - not asking: see above;
              - your son not being in possession of ID: probably THAT is an offence, but MAYBE the investigator was able to access DMV records and see his DL photo, thus confirming his identity, so he got a break there;
              - bad charge / error / no conviction: so, the system worked? Good for him, but he probably did SOMETHING questionable, and needs to look in the mirror;
              - stopping member becoming aware of the grass "indiscretion": maybe yes, maybe no. I had the ability to access such info via my car's mobile work station, but usually did not bother. However, HAD the member done so, I am going to say that your son would have had a much longer, and intensive-scrutiny, visit with said investigator;
              - you gaining understanding: thus your visit here, and our learned / experienced commentary;
              - you being a child-of-a-Police-Officer: none of us can do much about your parentage's lack of a real job, other than to offer our sympathy...and note that your son OUGHT to be more circumspect in his actions.

              All of us on here that could not obtain, or retain, real-life jobs have heard all kinds of stories, from all walks of life, wealth-levels, significant-other-relations, sexual orientations (we are up to 11+ these days, not? Not that I have a problem with any of them, as long as they do not unwantedly touch me, my family, or my friends), or employment. So, when it comes to, "I was told by....that...happened, and there is no independent video of same, so how DARE the Officer do....to my...?!", we start looking slightly up, and think to ourselves, "Lord (or whatever, or lack of, higher power we may, or may not, look up to / curse), why, oh why, can I not just enjoy my XL DD and fried-and-sugared doughy item in peace, for frootsaikes?!"

              Peace be with you and yours.
              #32936 - Royal Canadian Mounted Police - 1975-10-27 / 2010-12-29
              Proud Dad of #54266 - RCMP - 2007-02-12 to date
              RCMP Veterans Association - Regina Division member
              Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada - Associate (Retired) member
              "Smile" - no!


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                I don't know if anyone noticed, but the OP left in sort of a huff over a week ago and said she wouldn't be back. It appears she kept her word and everyone is giving answers to an empty room or talking to each other.

                Might want to call it quits on this one.
                Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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                  Nothing like arguing to oneself...
                  Now go home and get your shine box!


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                    Originally posted by CCCSD View Post
                    Nothing like arguing to oneself...
                    Yes. It offers great emotional relief.
                    Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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                      See? It works!
                      Now go home and get your shine box!


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                        Some officers and a lot of citizens think of inoperable lights as chicken s**t tickets and gripe about them. On 3-11 or 12-7 I can stop cars all night long for light violations and it IS a means of legal probable cause. Will you automatically get a ticket, no. Will you get checked for warrants, yes. Will you get checked for NCIC, yes. The majority of people I ever arrested were those who had equipment violations and driving with warrants and under suspension.

                        I worked with an officer one night who hated graveyard shifts. His gripe was that nothing ever happened. He did nothing all night long. I had twelve traffic stops and four impound arrests. At the end of the shift he said that I only got that activity cause I wrote chicken s**t tickets. I told him it was part of the job. Get used to it.


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                          It's true that a plate is reflective and would be illuminated by the following officer's headlights. However, said cop can turn his headlights off briefly to check. Not a big deal.


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