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good spots to catch speeders


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  • good spots to catch speeders

    Let's say you find one that is absolutely stellar. You can catch people speeding all day long.

    Do you guard the location of that place like it was a secret fishing hole, or do you tell other cops about it?

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    Where I'm at it's common knowledge. Go up on the freeway and drive at 55 MPH in the slow lane. Even if you are operating the biggest black and white in the world that screams POLICE!!!!!, driving at 55 MPH in the slow lane somehow gives you a shield of invisibility and speeders will blow by you at 85+ MPH all day long, just as if you weren't there.
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      Lol! I wonder about that in Chicago! It's dangerous on some streets, at some times to go the speed limit & not end up rear ended. That is really scary. Semis & everything. Sometimes 2 cop cars will follow each other, and it never matters.


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        There are no "secret" places
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          The question was, if you find a good spot to catch a lot of speeders, do you keep it a secret from the people you work with like fishermen do when they find a good spot to catch fish?

          Or do you tell other cops, so they can experience your level of success too?


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            Unless an officer is in a newly annexed part of Town or City, cops have used that hole for decades. When I was new, I would try to keep the info to myself, but it would get figured out anyway. Now, I tell officers good places to run RADAR. If the area gets saturated with enforcement action from other officers, the habits of the motorists will change as they get used to seeing the increased officer presence...but only until the officers lose interest and move elsewhere, then speed will pick back up. I like officers to work the problem areas, so the more the merrier.
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              That's cool, that's what I was hoping!

              The Gift of Fear author made it sound like cops were cowboys, in competition with each other about everything.

              Scary idea.


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                Where I worked, we would see who could get more tickets monthly, the MPs or civilians

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              Where I work, when I worked the streets, we were assigned to a beat. We didn't compete for traffic violations, that whole idea is bizarre to me. I was never a big traffic cite writer. Unless they were a total $#% I would give a warning.

              Unless of course it involved a traffic accident.
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                The best "spots" to catch speeders is on the public roadways.


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                  I share my spots. Though sometimes a guy fishes in 1 spot sooooo ridiculously often that it downright dries up hard.


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                    If anything, I would say, go where there are complaints from the public, and share with other members of your platoon and Agency.

                    RADAR was my first course after graduation (< 30 days). Speed enforcement was just one of many duties I had on uniformed General Duty. I was not big into it, and it depended on my file load and Detachment Commander's focus.

                    My last 9+ years I was on HP / Traffic Services, and the first 6ish had Commanders big on the "ping", then had a Supervisor LASER-focused on Impaired (Alcohol), Occupant Restraint, Intersection Control, Other Aggressive / High Risk (Prohibited / Disqualified / Suspended / Unlicenced Driver, Unregistered / Uninsured Vehicles, Illegal Use of Electronic Communication Devices, and Lane Discipline) offences and Interdiction (Wanted persons, Probation / Release Conditions, Stolen Vehicles) LONG before Exceed Speed Limit. IF we wrote a Speeding ticket, it had to be Pass Stopped Emergency Vehicle / Tow Truck / Road Crew > 60 kph, or 130%+ of the limit.
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                      I work for a small area and speeder spots aren't in large abundance. I have my favorites, but try to mix it up every day so I'm not coming off as sticking to a pattern. With that being said, i could sit at said favorite spots for 20 minutes and not observe a single speed violation. Other times I'd be sitting for no more than seconds at a time after putting it in park and observe somone driving like they're crossing the finish line.


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                        Originally posted by curioser View Post
                        The question was, if you find a good spot to catch a lot of speeders, do you keep it a secret from the people you work with like fishermen do when they find a good spot to catch fish?

                        Or do you tell other cops, so they can experience your level of success too?
                        Speeding tickets are not a contest, a career goal or the desired outcome to traffc enforcement. The goal is reduced collisions. Don’t keep it a secret - you are there to make the community safer.

                        Base your directed traffic enforcement on where collisions have been occurring, and target the violations that are the common primary collision factors.
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                          School zones are always good for someone speeding across Australia. During specific hours, say 7:30am to 9:00am & 2:30pm to 4:00pm on school days, there is a 40kph speed limit. When using a LIDAR simply set your gate distances & there's no mercy.

                          Having said that, I stand in clear view of traffic and I would prefer my mere presence to deter someone from speeding. I would rather presence to deter traffic offences rather than issuing a ticket.
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