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    Originally posted by mcschrader2015 View Post

    Just curious, do you cite for that in your state? It’s a requirement here as well, but I don’t know anyone who cites for that. I typically throw it on a warning and laugh at them...
    Typically, no. I might charge that in lieu of something else like a speeding violation. Or write it if they're a raging AH.


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      In the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan (kind-of like a US State, but not quite), a Saskatchewan-resident driver, or registered owner of a vehicle, has 48 hours to produce to the Police proof of holding such valid documents, while a non-resident MUST immediately produce such documents. We generally just check the DL / RO records via CPIC (our (better) version of NCIC / NLETS) to determine validity, even for non-residents, whether Canadian OR USA (ACUPIES is your friend, my friends!).

      Saskatchewan and Canadian law allows Police to stop vehicles to SOLELY check on the identity of the driver, validity of the driver's drivers licence, validity of the vehicle's registration, including necessary Police records checks beyond those inquiries, then to deal with the results of those inquiries as well as whatever is in "plain view".

      Most of RCMP Traffic Services Unit vehicles in "F" Division (our speak for the Provincial Policing Services we provide to Saskatchewan by contract between the Province and Federal Governments, so we are KIND-OF like State Police, if you rolled together THOSE duties, along with those of your FBI, DEA, DHS, County Sheriffs, and Municipal Police - we are complicated!), as well as many Saskatchewan Municipal PS, have ALPR equipment, video recorders, mobile work stations, and in-car ticket printers, so it makes the work easier
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