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FOP stickers and attidude


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    Not sure if you are only talking about citizens with those stickers or not but here is my opionion on cops having there Union Sticker or somthing along those lines on their personal vehicles.
    Why cops put those stickers on their personal vehicle is beyond me. It has to be the dumbest thing. Why do you want the general public to know your a copper when you are off duty? Also, criminals see those and figure there may be guns, badges, vests, or anything else they think cops may have,in their vehicles. Last summer, i spree of car poppers just targeted vehicles with the stupid Police Union stickers on em. I HAVE NEVER, AND WILL NEVER PUT A POLICE STICKER ON MY CAR. ( I give em to my mother-in-law).
    Besides, i have a badge in my wallet, that ALWAYS gets me out of a ticket.
    BTW, if i see a vehicle with several stickers like that on it, i always stop them just to see exactly what they are trying to prove, cop or not.
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      Originally posted by rx8rider
      Just wandering whether you guys ever cut people some slack when you see the FOP sticker on their plate or on the window?
      Also, what's the best thing one can do when stopped (for whatever reason)? How much does attidude (good and bad) count and what are honestly the best responses (is ignorance and denial bad or does telling the truth count for anything)?
      If I stop you, you are probably getting a ticket. If you are honest and polite, I will explain to you what your options are, including how to get equipment violations dropped. If you lie and are rude or abusive, I may find additional charges...possibly even one that is arrestable. Then you'll go to jail and have your car towed.

      As someone else noted, either way you may get a ticket, but it is much more pleasant for both of us if you are polite and honest.
      My posts are sometimes educated, sometimes informed, and sometimes blowing smoke...but they are mine and mine alone and do not reflect on anyone else (especially my employer).


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        They get about as much favor from me as those useless Blue Line stickers do.

        As far as attitude, it can generally determine the outcome of the stop. That bigger an a*****e someone is, the more polite I become. That will generally kill their case in traffic court.


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