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    I have a coworker whom has the black tinted headlight covers on his truck. If he was to drive with them on at night and using either his brights or the (stock, it appears) driving lights, could he get hit for improper display of lights or something to that effect? I never saw the appeal in covering lights and had told someone (whom said I NEED to get light covers because they are cool) that I come out of work after sundown alot, and if it was raining would rather just get in the car and turn the lights on and leave for home as opposed to getting wet while taking the covers off. I used to have a tinted PLATE cover, but that certainly was and got me a bit of trouble, so that got thrown out and now I just have clear covers on my tags in winter. Thanks for all your input.
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    Covers are great for off rod or show, but they have to come off on the road at night. Even clear is against the law. Just like plate covers. They too are illegal, even clear ones.
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      Illegal, and yes he can and probably would get cited.
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        Headlight Covers, etc.

        I'll sound like an old geezer here, but I actually remember that the state police in PA had to remove the clear plastic headlight covers that came from the factory on the 1980 and 1981 Dodge St. Regis sedans that they used as cruisers back then.

        A state cop {who has long since retired} told me that they violated some obscure section of the state vehicle code which prohibited them. (I don't know how something that came as standard equipment on a new car would be illegal, but that's what he said.)

        But anyway, those tinted or "smoked" covers are unlawful on headlights in many places and probably on tail lamps as well. On a related note, I am curious about the new 'clear' or white-colored tail lights that only glow red when they illuminate. Seems to me they'd be illegal because there are no red reflectors in them.....but a lot of people still use them.

        I am only a civilian nowadays, so I won't comment on what an LEO should do if he sees a car equipped with those things......but I do wonder how they get inspection stickers if they have illegal modifications to the vehicle.
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          Every highway act I have seen thus far has something in it against using headlight/tail light covers.

          Most people put them on after they get the sticker and they are easy enough to take off. Generally most people I've seen with them on think it's cool to drive through the city with only the parking lights on (since these almost completely block the daytimes).

          I don't think I've yet to cut a break on light covers so my best advice would just be to take them off. They are snap ons for the most part anyway i think.


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            Having headlight or tailight covers on in either daylight or nighttime is a violation and will result in a ticket.


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