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Loud Pipes (Especially in LA)


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  • Loud Pipes (Especially in LA)

    I have a question about aftermarket exhaust pipes for motorcycles.

    Does anyone know exactly which part of the vehicle code I'm breaking if I install aftermarket motorcycle exhausts that don't exceed the 95 dB noise limit? I believe it's part of CVC 27150, but I can't pinpoint what makes the pipes illegal if they're not above the 95 dB limit.

    I want to get a pair of aftermarket bolt on exhausts for a sportsbike, not particularly for more power but to be a bit louder (though still within reason, I'm not talking about the 12" straight through pipes some idiots install on Harleys), lose some weight and look better.

    I don't want to give officers cause to stop me for this, I don't plan on using them to create a public nuisance and won't be riding with high rpms in town where they'd make the most noise.

    When do officers stop sportsbikes for loud pipes (again, we're not talking ear bleeding loud like most Harleys round here)? Do they bother at all or is it rather something else they'll ticket you for if they stop you for speeding or another more serious charge?
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