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enforcement in construction zones


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  • enforcement in construction zones

    I drive from from the central valley to the bay area here in California most weekends. on hwy 99 and 580 there are some construction zones with speed limits that vary from 45 to 55 mph. the flow of traffic is 70 mph regardless of the posted speed limits. 580 near livermore is the worst . there are on ramps that have those cement k rails on both sides of the lane till it dumps onto the fwy, its like trying to thread a needle and if your not going at least 65 your likely to get in an accident. A few weeks ago I had to change lanes to the left really quickly to make room for someone that was passing me on the right and about to clobber a driver trying to merge onto the hwy from one of those k-railed on ramps. Granted maybe I should have been in the far right lane as I was going just over the speed limit and impeding traffic, but I got really tired of trying avoid the debris that collects against the k rail and in the lane. caltrans has put up flashing signs saying slow down, and signs showing your speed. I would think a ticket for 15 mph over the speed limit and double fines would be a deterrent,it isn't. I have yet to see any traffic enforcement, . so my question, what makes up a leo's day that does fwy traffic enforcement? why isn't there more resources provided for enforcing speed limits in construction zones?
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    Rather than rant here, which is understandable to a degree, why not contact CHP? In very general terms, enforcement of the type you'd like to see is limited by manpower constraints and other considerations. Don't forget that accident investigation is also a primary function of CHP, and the Officer(s) you like to see in the area you reference, could very well be working a crash or performing enforcement duties in other, equally problem areas.


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