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316.191 (2) Racing on Highways, FL. Advice is appreciated.


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  • 316.191 (2) Racing on Highways, FL. Advice is appreciated.

    Legal advisement
    Last edited by denali; 04-13-2013, 03:01 AM.

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    Originally posted by denali View Post

    As we're both in separate cars on the way to the restaurant, we notice that the light that were approaching has 8 seconds before it turns red. Instinctively, we both increase our speed in an attempt to beat the light. We in fact beat the light but we catch the next light about a quarter of a mile down the road. About 45 seconds later, an unmarked police car slowly pulls in front of me and my buddy and we both get cited for going 70 mph (posted speed limit was 40 mph) and also a ticket for Racing on Highways.
    You and your buddy both sped together to beat a red light, for NO REASON I might add. You just admitted to the violation.

    The officer didn't arrest us, he didn't yell at us, and he really didn't seem like it was a big deal at all.
    For him, it's not. He's written hundreds, if not thousands of tickets before. He forgot your name before you drove away.
    Given the officers demeanor, I thought that I would pay a fine and move on with my life.
    You were wrong.

    I was wrong.
    Yes, you were.

    Racing on a Highways is a misdemeanor and carries severe consequences if convicted, including: a hefty fine, a suspended license, and a very large increase in insurance rates.
    Rightfully so, because it's quite a stupid, dangerous thing to do.

    I've never received a speeding ticket before and have 0 moving violations on my driving record.
    Well, there's a first time for everything. Everyone has no moving violations on their record until they get their first one. With that kind of logic, every single person would get a break on their first traffic offense.
    I both work, and attend college full-time. In fact, I only have one year left to graduate and I have a 3.9 GPA.
    Oh, you say you work and go to school? Well then, this is obviously all a big mistake. We're only supposed to give tickets to people who do one or the other, and we're certainly not supposed to give tickets to people with a 3.9 GPA! That Officer was an IDIOT!
    I'm one of the very few drivers that uses their indicator while switching lanes or making a turn.
    Good heavens, you're a saint.

    My point is, I'm not a bad guy
    Not a bad guy, just a guy who made a dumb decision and got popped for it.
    and surely wouldn't want a misdemeanor to tarnish my record.
    I'm going to sound like you mom here, but you should have thought of that before doing 70 in a 40 trying to beat a light FOR NO REASON.

    My questions are: What's most likely going to happen in terms of court? Will I most likely be charged with Racing or will they lower it to Reckless Driving?
    Who knows. Every traffic court is run differently.
    Have you seen many people with a good record charged with Racing?
    I'm seeing one right now.
    Should I write a letter to the judge begging for mercy?
    HA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! You think the judge has time to read letters from traffic violators? You're one of hundreds of people the judge will see every week. The judge has neither the time nor inclination to read letters from people full of irrelevant information. The judge has no interest in whether or not you have a good driving record. The judge is interested in whether you committed the violation. That's It.

    Look man, you screwed up. You committed a traffic violation and got popped for it. If you want to fight it, you certainly have the right to take it to a trial, which you will probably lose because you freely admit that you committed the violation.

    Just be a man and take your medicine. It sucks but it's not the end of the world.


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      Originally posted by denali View Post
      Legal advisement
      Fortunately Code6 quoted you before you became a coward and deleted your entry
      My new word for the day is FOCUS, when someone irritates you tell them to FOCUS


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        You spelled denial wrong...oh wait, never mind


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          Suggestion falling short of legal advice. Plead "guilty". You are.


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            But But But .... he's a nice guy...he shouldn't be penalized for being stupid...stupidity is a disease and shouldn't be punished with fines or jail time....stupid people can't help being stupid they were born that way


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              Originally posted by denali View Post
              Legal advisement
              If he wasn’t wearing his hat you could surely get the ticket dismissed.
              Originally posted by SSD
              It has long been the tradition on this forum and as well as professionally not to second guess or Monday morning QB the officer's who were actually on-scene and had to make the decision. That being said, I don't think that your discussion will go very far on this board.
              Originally posted by Iowa #1603
              And now you are arguing about not arguing..................


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                Did you ask the Officer if his strobe lights have been properly calibrated?


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                  Originally posted by Patriotdiscussions
                  A little late to the thread, but let me know next time and I might be able to help.
                  This is Ask A Cop. Per the contract/terms of site, only sworn Law Enforcement can answer questions to posts. You have violated your contract.


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                    but but ,hes read a law book ,he can remember what he reads and all that ,hes a want to be lawyer


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                      I guess attention to detail wasn't you strong suit. Maybe you can pick up 120 books on it and become an expert.


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                        Originally posted by Patriotdiscussions
                        Or perhaps a better layout of the site and having the ask a cop heading under the cop only part of the board instead of under the public part of the board.

                        nah, blame someone else, your good at that.
                        Oh.....there is a 'cop only' part of this forum? Care to point me towards it?

                        You do realize this isnt P1, right?


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                          Originally posted by Patriotdiscussions
                          On mobile the site looks different, it's the second set of boards down, it clearly states only leo can post in this section. Might of been a good ideal to put ask a cop in there instead of the public and leo interaction area. There i go using common sense again, silly me.
                          Then, how would the public 'ask a cop'???

                          Apparently common sense isn't so common after all.


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                            Also, since you like to read, here are the rules, that are stickied at the top of AAC. Or does that not show up on your mobile?

                            THE RULES: Only Law Enforcement Personnel Reply To Questions Here

                            To ensure this forum stays on topic as much as possible, ONLY members classified as "sworn police officers" should 'reply' to topics in this thread. The original poster can be ANYONE, but those who reply should be the ORIGINAL POSTER and LAW ENFORCEMENT personnel ONLY.

                            If you want to discuss the topic, are NOT in LE, and are NOT the original poster, post it in an appropriate public forum, but the 'Ask a Cop' should no longer be used as a breeding ground for civilian vs. cop discussions.

                            Users are encouraged to report posts that are clearly not LE.

                            HOWEVER, is you are a civilian and have a NEW Question or need clarification of an answer, you can reply in the original post. But we will not permit the 'Ask A Cop' discussion to turn into a battleground between civilians and cops...or for that matter cops and cops, or all in between.



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                              Don't confuse him with logic


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