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Do you slow down around cops?


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    Originally posted by not-a-deputy-yet View Post

    Dealing with someone spitting at me, get my a** handed to me or any of that is fine with me. I worked at a state prison for a year and a half. Believe me I've had my fair share there but loved my job because of the adrenaline when something did happen. The only reason I left the prison is because I wanted to be out on the street and be more proactive. As far as thick skin I think the prison helped me quiet a bit.
    Holding a grudge personally against this trooper, I think I'm done with that. Lesson I learned from him though is not to be arrogant towards anyone especially towards another LEO. Also I learned that I would not be issuing a ticket to another LEO for speeding.
    He wasn't arrogant towards another LEO....by your own admissions you weren't an Officer yet and he cited you for speeding which you were. If I were to be cited for speeding by another Officer so be it....I was speeding and deserve the cite...I wouldn't feel awkward around that Officer and it wouldn't bother me, why you may ask....because I was speeding...I would never try and talk an Officer into not citing me...that would be disrespectful


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      Originally posted by L-1 View Post
      As an officer you have discretion regarding whether or not to cite. I probably gave 20 warnings for every cite I wrote.

      You can cite him or not. However, if your sole reason for denying the trooper the benefit of discretion is to retaliate against him for having done his job, then perhaps you are in the wrong profession. I would suggest that you have a chat with your supervisor about this and get his feedback. It might help you get a more relevant perspective on the matter.


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