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  • Old Plates, New Car - Mail In Registration

    I'm living in Alabama as a student, maintaining my residency in Ohio. I just bought a new car in Alabama and will be titling and registering it in Ohio, keeping my same license plates. Next week, I'll be driving to and spending a week in Florida. I've applied for the title and registration, but do have not received the confirmation in the mail and do not expect to before I leave (it will be probably be waiting for me when I get back).

    I am not sure about what to do concerning the tags on the vehicle. Alabama does not issue temporary tags; I merely have a paper tag with the dealership's name on it. Obviously, I have my Ohio plates on hand; they do not expire for a few months still. I have my current registration paperwork, my bill of sale (which states the car I turned in, the one listed on the current registration documents), and my proof of insurance on the new car.

    I haven't been pulled over in years and don't intend to, but I want to be prepared in case. So, which is the better option: driving the car out of state with just the dealer tag on it, or putting on the Ohio plates that will be officially registered to the car at some point while I'm on the road?

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    When does the 'temporary' or 'dealer' tag expire? My guess is that you would be safe doing that; but maybe someone from your own state might have a better answer.

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      That's just the thing - there is no date on the tag. It's literally a white piece of paper in the shape of a license plate with the dealership's logo printed on it.


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