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  • School Zone speed limit

    A few days ago I was pulled over in school zone for going 30 mph in a 25 mph. The hours that the school zone speed limit are in effect are 7 AM until 7 PM. The regular speed limit is 30 mph during non school zone hours. I was pulled over at 19:43 (7:43), 43 minutes after the school zone time ended and resumed the regular speed limit of 30. I tried asking him why I was getting a school zone speeding ticket 45 minutes after the zone had expired and that seemed to anger him. Did I do something wrong by questioning his decision to pull me over? I thought if I had just pointed that fact out I could have saved him time and paperwork. (I was in the Army for 4.5 years and I hated paperwork) I would like to know what other LEO's think of this situation.

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    So why are you questioning a LEO and asking more LEOs questions on this forum when you didn't like the other responce?
    You don't have a life, significant other do you?
    How do we know you are a real photo journalist?
    How do you know if something is worthy of journalism and photography?
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    You didn't take a good picture of that _____.
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    Get the idea?
    If you were asked stupid questions / statements like this day in and day out would you start to get an attitude over time?
    I bet you recieved specialized training and or schooling in your profession and are an experienced professional. Law enforcement officers also have specialized training/ schooling and experience in their profession. So to answer your question I wasn't there but would bet he was doing what he believed was allowed under the law. However we are all human and therefore prone to make mistakes. We all have bad days from time to time. Even photo journalists make mistakes. So if the LEO did make a mistake go to court and argue your case with the judge. But first make sure you didn't make a mistake in your judgement.
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      If its outside of the time of the school zone, go to court and they'll drop it.

      The side of the road isn't the place to argue a ticket, the court is.
      I miss you, Dave.


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        Probably because you don't have Health Insurance!
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          Originally posted by photog81 View Post
          The hours that the school zone speed limit are in effect are 7 AM until 7 PM.
          This isn't a typo is it? Our school zones are normally 7AM-9AM and 2PM-4PM. A 12 hour zone limit just doesn't seem right. And that sorry POS cited you for doing 5 over the speed limit? That sadistic bastard!


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            Our school zone signs say "when children are present". No kids visible, then the regular speed limit applies.

            To the OP - if you disagree with the ticket, contest it in court. Don't come to a law enforcement website and ask law officers for advice on getting out of it.
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              We have the flashing yellow lights, I hate the school zones with the times posted.
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