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Question about LED lights under car. (Underglow)


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  • Question about LED lights under car. (Underglow)

    So I live in Omaha. Im 17 and recently got a mustang. Ive been looking around trying to find a straight answer for the laws concerning underglow in nebraska. I read that you cant have red visible in the front, and only red on back, and no flashing or rotating lights. But then I read that those only apply on public highways. So could I be driving down any normal street with them on and not get a ticket?

    And when it says no red visible from the front, does that mean you cant see the TUBE, or the LIGHT hitting the ground?

    Id really appreciate if you could help me out on this, because I really cannot afford a ticket, as you all know being a 17 year old driving a moderate sports car, one ticket will make my insurance skyrocket .

    (And if you know anything about HIDs, could you tell me the laws on those too? I was told HIDs are legal as long as you have projection headlights installed too, but you cant have them in the same headlight casing as halogens. Something about the reflection?)

    Id really appreciate any help,

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    Equipment laws can get rather sticky so I normall try to simplify it down to: "if it didn't come on the car from the lot, it's most likely illegal." Red will always be a no. Doesn't matter if you see the actual bulb or the light it is emitting. Both are the same. As for public roads... those are "normal" roads.

    My advice... keep the car as is and use your cash for other things like dates, clothes, savings, etc. Will save you a lot of trouble in the future. Anything you do to draw attention to the car will always draw law enforcement attention to the car.


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      Underbody neons..? Pass.

      Spend the money on some track days instead.
      summer - winter - work


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        In most states, those types of lighting effects are unlawful while the vehicle is in motion. They can only be used when the vehicle is static and off of the street or highway - primarily for shows and such.

        I would recommend you not install undercarriage effect lighting. In may be detrimental to your wallet.
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          I agree with the previous replies. In Alabama, based on the information you posted, you'd be cited at the very least for "Improper Lights". I realize that you don't reside in Alabama, but I'm attempting to make a point. I'm pretty certain, that were you to research your state's motor vehicle laws, the same restrictions would be in place. I truely understand the desire of many young people to place "after market" equipment on their vehicles. I suggest you not rely on rumors, or "he-said-they said" information when making these choices. None of the people who say it's OKay are going to be around when you get lit up. It's also a lead pipe cinch they won't volunteer to pay your fines and court costs. Forego all the "show and tell" junk and simply enjoy your ride. At age seventeen, your Liability premiums are probably equal to the national debt of some Third World country.You don't need to be spending money on traffic fines.


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            To the OP. the legal term "highway" often includes all the space between the ditches. This could be a one way city street or the interstate.

            So just save yourself some $$$ and hassle by avoiding the extra attention you will get with any neon lights.

            HID- Most states prevent glaring lights, missed adjusted lights, etc etc. Not sure if any state as clear direct wording to prevent HID bulbs. It would be the general catch all of glaring lights or missed adjusted lights.

            Red- avoid having any red visible from the front. Not only is is dangerous it is very easy for me to spot such a violation.
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            This is the internet- take all information with a grain of salt. Such could be valid and true or could be typed just for playing devils advocate.


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              Oh ok, I didnt know that when it said "Public Highways" it referred to normal streets.
              Here, I found the actual laws, and these are direct quotations, any help? I dont completely these.

              "it shall be unlawful for any person to drive or move any vehicle upon a highway with any red or green light thereon visible from directly in front thereof."

              "no person shall operate any motor vehicle or any equipment of any description on any highway in this state with any rotating or flashing light."

              "Except for stop lights and directional signals, which may be red, yellow, or amber, no person shall display any color of light other than red on the rear of any motor vehicle or any equipment of any kind on any highway within this state."

              So, Basically, What does "highway" mean? Any public road? or any true highway, such as, highway 51?
              Because the way I'm understanding these, if they mean an actual highway, then underglow would be legal on regular city streets?

              Originally posted by PhilipCal
              At age seventeen, your Liability premiums are probably equal to the national debt of some Third World country.You don't need to be spending money on traffic fines.
              Yes, just liability ALONE is through the roof with me driving a mustang. I dont even want to mention how much it was when I was driving a kawasaki ninja 1200cc motorcycle in the summer. I had to take it off insurance for the winter because it was so high =/


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                Ask and Ye Shall Receive

                Originally posted by luke1017
                So, Basically, What does "highway" mean? Any public road? or any true highway, such as, highway 51?
                Chapter 60 - Nebraska Revised Statutes

                60-332 Highway, defined. Highway means the entire width between the boundary limits of any street, road, avenue, boulevard, or way which is publicly maintained when any part thereof is open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel.
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                  You cannot have under-glows in NE. The red lights in the back are only referring to brake/tail and directional lights e.g. your blinkers. What L-1 posted means that every road but your driveway or parking lot is considered Highway.


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