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Drunk driving scenerio question


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  • Drunk driving scenerio question

    I wanted to here current officers opinion on a situation I just had. Im not an officer "yet" but hopefully will be in the near future. So I'm driving on a fairly main 2 lane road, and car was driving under the speed limit. This car had a line of cars behind it due to it going under the limit. Then I see that this car is ALL over the road. It almost went into the ditch several times (which would have resulted in hitting several trees) also crossing the center lane, and traveling almost completely into oncoming traffic. At one point its almost completely in the oncoming traffics lane going up a hill to where you could not see if oncoming traffic was coming or not. Basically there is only two scenerios I could think off either they are completely hammered or elderly with some sort of medical problem going on. So a red light comes up and when it turns red they slam on their brakes with half the car over the line, and in the middle of the intersection. So I pull up beside them in the turning lane, and roll down my window, and ask if everything is all right. Its two white females drunk as a skunk with their budweiser hats and nascar shirts. They say there fine, and that they just dropped a cigarette. We'll I could clearly tell that was not true (or heck if it was true a horrible excuse to put other lives at risk). I told them that there all over the road, and they need to pay closer attention cause they are going to end up killing someone with they continue driving like they were. They said they were sorry, and I drove off. Now I would have called it in if I could get to a position to were I could see their license plate, but with the way other cars were I could not get to a position to see the plate. My question is for you sworn officers if you see something like that when your off duty what would you have done. Because even if you call it in it would take a few minutes for a patrol officer to get there, and that could be just enough time for them to kill a soccer mom on her way home from picking up her kids at soccer practice. What would you do in this situation.
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    All you can do is call it in and maybe stay a close distance away from them to relay the current position to the communications center. If its in your jurisdiction and they do get pulled over, you may want to let the arresting officer know so that you can tesify as to the driving and the reason for stop. Otherwise not much you can do.
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      It all depends. If they are stopped and I feel like I can safely detain them while calling the on-duty folks, I may just do that. I hate DUI violators and considering that almost 4 out of 10 fatal crashes involves an impaired driver, they are a serious threat to the public.

      I was coming home one evening after work and had a guy in front of me at a red light. As soon as it was green he peeled off and swerved. I stayed behind him for a few minutes and in that time he was doing 90mph in a posted 45 mph zone, turned and almost hit someone, and drove into a ditch (only to get back out & keep driving). I had just picked up my 2 yr old son from the babysitter. I did not reach the same speeds as he did. Luckily the traffic was just enough to keep him slowing down to where I could maintain a visual on him. The whole time I was speaking with dispatchers, I was updating them on this guy's driving. They honestly told me they had no units available to respond. I told them hopefully he will only kill himself tonight and went home. There are some times where you will not be able to do anything but grit your teeth. His time is coming, I just hope he doesn't take anyone with him in the process.
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        We often get calls for drunk drivers but it seems to be some sort of road rage thing.

        In your case, I would have stayed with the vehicle and called it in. Sounds like the driver was intoxicated enough that the responding officers would have seen a violation themselves and could have made the stop. Not only were they a danger to themselves but the other people on the road. Thats one I would have stayed with to make sure they were stopped.


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          + 1. You should ALWAYS call that in and stay behind them to update location, driving, etc. If officers can get there before they get home and go inside, GREAT...if not then you did what you can do. Hopefully officers will get there, intiate a stop and arrest them so they wont kill your family or mine coming the other way.
          The ABSOLUTE WORST is the jagoff that calls to report a drunk and tells the dispatcher the drunk is "northbound on the highway and Im getting off here".....not following for a few more minutes so we may actually have a clue as to where the suspect is!
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