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    I work as a pizza delivery driver in Georgia, and there is this older guy in a blue crown vic that follows people around and has the blue line license plate on the front and no Gov. tag on the back. He carries 2-Way radio and shines his spot light into peoples windows. Ive had him race up on me and hold his radio up like hes calling for back up or something and flash his lights. I was told he was a retired ATF agent, but Im not sure what to do. I think hes just trying to act like a cop.

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    Provide your local agency with a full description of the person and vehicle and let them do their investigation. Other than that, do not get involved with him.
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      This will take some action on your part and you just can't be a innocent by-stander.

      If this guy does the things you described to you or you see him doing it to someone else, call the police immediately. You will have to stay with or follow him until a police officer can catch up.

      As stated above, do not attempt to confront this guy and let the people who you pay taxes for to handle it.

      Either the cop will observe this conduct or you will have to be the complaining witness. At the least hes just a careless driver but given the totality of the 'evidence' I would say you have a wanna be on your hands that needs to be dealt with before he decides to do something really stupid.
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        I think this guy is an wanna-be.
        Most cops dont drive C.V.'s off duty even those that never got to drive them and are stuck in Impalas for 20 years.

        THis guy can be an imposter and it would be prudent on you to call 9-1-1.
        Shining lights in peoples cars is illegal, tailgating them is illegal, havbing a 'blue line' sticker is not but might make more naive people think he is a cop.
        I got nothing for now


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          It is in Canton Area. He hangs around some of the local PD, but he never does any of that stuff around them. He pulled past me the other day and shined the spot light into my windshield, I almost let road rage get to me.


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            sorry double posted.


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              If you are able to get the license plate number off the car give that to the police. They can find out where he lives that way, or be able to watch him and see what he is doing.


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