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Slow merging vs. Fast merging


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  • Slow merging vs. Fast merging

    I have a little scenario I was curious about the view of traffic officers on. Here is Las Vegas, the speed limit on almost every freeway is 65mph. It seems that no matter who it is, whenever someone gets onto the on-ramp, they think its a little Sunday drive and go up the ramp a 35-40mph, and only proceed to get to freeway speed once they arrive at the freeway. I have seen it cause a few accidents, and many backups, due to people having to drastically slow thier speed for this person who is merging well below the freeway speed limit.

    Now on the other hand, there are a few drivers who like to floor the gas, get up to the speed of the freeway well before they get there, look, and find a hole to merge into without slowing the flow of traffic.

    Which if these do you agree with, and would you ticket for the one you do not agree with? Is there even a law that would allow you to?

    In my mind, it seems those who merge at a speed well below that of the traffic flow are putting many lives in danger with thier practice, since a car going 65-75 rear ending a car going 30 would be a bad collision. I'm curious to see what you guys think. Thanks.

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    Here, unless posted otherwise (not meaning yellow advisory signs), a ramp has the same speed limit as the interstate to which it leads to or from. I do not play around when merging. Merge safely, don't be a problem.
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      You should be moving at the flow of traffic no later than the time you reach the bottom of the ramp, before the solid line to your left goes to dotted and you can merge.
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        Originally posted by t150vsuptpr View Post
        Here, unless posted otherwise (not meaning yellow advisory signs), a ramp has the same speed limit as the interstate to which it leads to or from.
        Dang. I just learned something.

        Of course from my truck driving days I can tell you if you don't take the yellow advisory signs as the word of god you may end up with a truck that has wheels on the side instead of the bottom (no, never did it, but came mighty close once or twice).

        As far as the merge goes, most ramps have an ACCELERATION lane which is where you're supposed to get up to the speed of everybody else then safely merge, not go to the end and stop.
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          Originally posted by crazynova View Post

          Is there even a law that would allow you to?
          If they merge and cause other cars to dramatically brake to avoid a collision, or actually cause a collision, there is "unsafe lane movement" or your state's equivalent. Its immaterial what speed they merge at, as long as they do it safely.
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            Here in VA, drivers usually do one of two things:

            First, they will slowly drive down to the end of the on-ramp and then stop.....while they sit there waiting for a sign from God above that it is safe to continue. This is a lot of fun when the drivers behind them are accelerating to highway speed and looking over their left shoulder instead of the stopped car ahead of them. Ouch!

            The second option is to "gas it and go" in order to gain speed. Keep on going down the shoulder of the highway and quickly swerve into the right-hand lane in front of a large truck.

            For a lesson on what you should not do, spend a few hours on I-395 near the Springfield "mixing bowl" interchange.

            The comments above reflect my personal opinion as a private citizen, ordinary motorist and all-around good guy.

            The aforementioned advice should not be construed to represent any type of professional opinion, legal counsel or other type of instruction with regard to traffic laws, judicial proceedings or official agency policy.


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