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'Letting' people merge


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  • 'Letting' people merge

    Scenario: You are called to an accident scene where car (A) made a lane change to the right and collided with car (B) that was already in that lane.

    Your local knowledge: The traffic in the right lane backs up every morning becuase cars are turning right onto a freeway. Impatient drivers will tend to drive past the 1/2 mile backup in the left lane and muscle their way in just before the ramp. Drivers already in the correct lane will tend to bunch up in an attempt to keep the impatient drivers out.

    Driver (A) states that she signalled several seconds in advance and that driver (B) should have allowed her in because they were almost at the ramp that she wanted. She further states that (B) went to great lengths to keep her out of the lane, even moving far right in his lane so he could drive around her when she was already 1/4 way in the lane. She believes (B) should have let her in once she started her lane change and that he was just being an idiot.

    Driver (B) said he had been waiting in this line of traffic for 5 minutes and refused to let driver (A) 'jump the line'. (B) acknowledges moving to the far right of his lane when (A) began to make the lane change but stayed within the lane (there is a curb to his right so he couldn't have strayed out of his lane). He did this in an attempt to avoid a collision. (B) agrees he did not slow down to allow (A) to complete the lane change because he believes that he had no duty to let (A) in. Plus, she jumped the line and that's just plain old arrogant - "she should have waited her turn like everyone else, dangit."

    Who gets tickets?
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    The vehicle changing lane would be cited (down here). They have a duty not to interfere with other traffic while changing lanes.


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      Turn signal? What is that? They don't use them here in Virginia.

      ~~ Sorry....I just could not resist that one. ~~

      The comments above reflect my personal opinion as a private citizen, ordinary motorist and all-around good guy.

      The aforementioned advice should not be construed to represent any type of professional opinion, legal counsel or other type of instruction with regard to traffic laws, judicial proceedings or official agency policy.


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        In CA she is required to display a turn indicator to warn others that she intends to change a course of direction for 100 feet. However, giving a signal does not come with RIGHT OF WAY.

        She would not legally be able to make the lane change until she could do so without interferring with any other vehicles that are so close as to constitute a hazard and lawfully occupy the lane of intended travel.

        She is in violation of making an unsafe lane change.

        Other drivers are not obliged to make room for her or to yield their rights of way - although, a courteous driver may do so as long as his/her actions do not interfere with those behind his/her vehicle.
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