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Intersection Question 8


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  • Intersection Question 8

    Look at this picture:

    You are called to this accident scene. Cars are still in the final resting positions as shown above.

    Driver of the red car states that he stopped at the stop sign, and the pulled out to turn left. He saw the green car approaching but stated he would have had time to complete the turn safely if the green car had not cut across the diagonal painted lines.

    Driver of the green car does not know if the red car stopped, but says that the red car is at fault because there is no stop sign for the green car. He didn't know he couldn't drive across the diagonal painted lines.

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    I'm going to give a citation to red for failure to yield to the right away. Green would also be given failure to maintain a lane of travel or unsafe turn.

    Also in SD we have "careless driving" statue that could apply to both drivers in substitute for the above citations.

    32-24-8. Definition of careless driving--Misdemeanor. Any person who drives any vehicle upon a highway, alley, public park, recreational area, or upon the property of a public or private school, college, or university carelessly and without due caution, at a speed or in a manner so as to endanger any person or property, not amounting to reckless driving as defined in § 32-24-1, is guilty of careless driving. Careless driving is a Class 2 misdemeanor.

    But I would say red is technically at fault(if I was an insurance adjuster ) because of the right of way. Red "thought" he/she could make the turn but clearly did not give due regard.
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      Agreed for both get citation. Green is a violation of trafic control device( yes painted lines are traffic control devices). Red gets for failing to yield or whichever statute you want to use for it, there are a few it would fall under. Careless could go for both.

      Who's at fault? That would be up to insurance to figure out, but both could be issued cites.


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        I'd probably just cite the green car. If they struck where indicated the red one had almost cleared the intersection before the collision and would have safely completed the turn had green car stayed in the proper lane, both due to the path and the required reduction in speed to take the turn safely from the correct angle.
        I miss you, Dave.


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          I'd go with green for violation of traffic control device, improper turn or careless driving. As green is violating the lane controls he is "out" of the lane or designated path of travel and has "forfieted", if you will, his right of way. Now that he's out of the lane, green would have no more right of way than had he driven into the intersection from the wrong direction or from the grass...


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            Had red not nearly cleared the intersection and green stayed within the lane I'd say red gets cited for violation of right of way.


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              This is an easy one. The red car is clearly through the intersection and the green car has clearly violated the lane lines. If the green car stayed within its lane of traffic, it would have stayed twenty or so feet away from the red car. Easy.
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                Originally posted by juicesnn4e2
                i think they need to give greens side a stop sign , and stop all this silly nonsense
                There needs to be a median or the right turn lane adjusted to there is no gore lines.


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                  Red-Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like he is turning from the wrong lane. Even if he did stop this is an illegal left turn.

                  Green-Either a Grandma or a drunk. Cut Left Turn.
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                    Both get cited, green for failed to obey traffic control device and red for failed to yield right of way. Red MUST stop and wait for all other traffic from where green vehicle is coming from, doesn't matter if red stopped at the stop signh or not, he MUST wait until all traffic that has the right of way to clear the intersection before he can enter intersection.


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                      My bad on the picture - the hypothetical 'red car' made it's turn from the correct lane, not the right lane as in the picture. Sorry!

                      The road that the green car is coming from is only about 50' long and the green car generally comes into view already doing 20mph as they make a sweeping turn from a 55mph road. That gives the red car less than two seconds to get through the intersection. I suspect the green lane doesn't have a stop sign becuase they don't want the green cars to back up into the 55mph road.


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                        Look at the red truck towing the trailer - that's the path the green car should take. On his current course he would hit the white vehicle waiting at the stop sign on the right.

                        Observed behavior: The green car tends to believe he 'owns' the intersection as he has no stop sign. If he feels the red car is 'stealing' his ROW then he will speed up and cut throught he gore to 'make the point'.


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                          Originally posted by jrsadowski
                          Im not a police officer ...I dont know if that last sentence made any sense but im not a police officer and dont know the terminology of that direction of traffic.

                          "Ask a Cop" rules say what?
                          I miss you, Dave.


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