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Selection board interview (HELP)


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  • Selection board interview (HELP)

    Hello LEO's,

    I know that the oral board advice topic has been discussed NUMEROUS times on this board, however, I was just wondering if any LEO's had any advice for a self-sponsorship police academy selection board interview? This is an interview for a Wisconsin police academy. Anyway's, should I treat this like a normal police officer oral interview, or should I take a different approach? Also, what kind of questions can I expect? The program director did tell me that the questions are very straight-forward, and designed to gauge your temperament. So, would these entail scenario questions, or just basic questions about yourself? Any help would be great appreciated!

    Thanks much!

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    Actually, this is EXACTLY how he phrased what the interview was going to consist of: The questions are all straightforward and are designed to gauge your overall temperament and preparedness to pursue a demanding career in law enforcement.



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      Seems like I took the entrance interview for the academy long ago, but it was only in 2005. Let's see if I can recall what was asked...

      I remember one question in particular... "What is the one thing in police work you would like the least?" I said that I wouldn't want to be a meter-maid. Yep. That's what I said. I still got into the academy though.

      I also remember the set up, there was a conservation warden, a deputy sheriff, and a city officer. One played the good cop, one played the mean cop, and one played the "sit silently and don't do squat except write" guy.

      There were a couple of scenario questions as well. One of them was along the lines of "You're at a party and several of your academy classmates are there. Two of them step outside. As you're leaving, you look over and see them rolling a joint. What would you do?"

      Unfortunately, that's all I can really remember. I'm tired as crap right now... and that's probably why.


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