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Two polygraph question.


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  • Two polygraph question.

    I was wondering if they ask if you have ever used drugs and if you answer yes, do they fail you so you no longer may become a police officer?

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    This is not really a polygraph question, it is a department policy question. You would have to ask the department about drug use policy. You will be asked about drug usage during a polygraph, the department will make a decision if you are within the acceptabel peramiters for the department. Ask your BI and tell them how many times used and what drugs were used. They will give you a direct answer.
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      I just feel scared as hell that it will come up and if I answer yes to prior drug use it will DQ me. Especially because I have wanted to be a police officer since I was little and I plan on Going to school for it. I don't want to spend all that money and have it come down to that, plus I am sure their are more than a few cops who have done things in their past that would fround upon.


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        Drug use in the past isn't an auto-disqualifier. It depends on:

        What you used?
        How long ago you used it?
        How many times did you use it?


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          Past drug use is not a DQ of and by itself. That said, an explanation might be helpful to you. Any prior use of a drug such as Cocaine,Meth,Ecstasy will most likely be a DQ with most departments. Marijuana use is viewed a little more tolerantly, but substantial or recent use can result in a DQ as well. If you intend to apply to a LE agency, you should familiarize yourself with it's prior drug use policy. These policies are not state secrets,and are usually posted on a department's website. Speaking to a Recruiter or Background Investigator can also be helpful. Polygraph questions relative to prior drug use should come as no surprise, as you'll be told what questions are going to be asked during the exam. At this time you would be given an opportunity to explain any past use/situation which might cause a reaction from the Polygraph. Keep in mind that the Polygraph Examiner rarely if ever, is the one who does the hiring. He/she merely reports their findings to those in the hiring chain. When all is said and done, you know your background and history better than any of us. Measure yourself objectively against a department's published standards. Be honest with yourself. Ask questions, but don't offer excuses, justifications, or rationalization for past conduct which, would result in a DQ. Good luck in your process.


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            Keep in mind if you put in your packet that you never used drugs and then they ask you on the polygraph if you ever used drugs and you say yes. That you will be disqualified. Make sure your honest in your packet and then being honest on your polygraph will come natural and you will be good.


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              At one local PD in my area their policy is that only one year must go by before the last time you have used pot and 5 years for most other drugs. I thought that was pretty lax, although I do live in CA...


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                Before any polygraph the examiner will have already reviewed your packet and formulated the questions he or she will ask. The questions will be gone over with you before you actually get hooked up to the machine. That is your time to present the examiner with any "new" information that you may think of when asked the questions.

                Type, frequency, and last use of drugs will no doubt be asked on a polygraph for a LE job. I am by no means saying to try and conceal something on the application and if asked at the polygraph you should come clean. What I am saying is that sometimes things come up.

                Perhaps you may be asked if you have ever stolen anything of value. At the time you filled out your application you forgot that you took a candy bar from Seven-Eleven when you were 10 years old but now it comes to you as you sit in the chair prior to taking the polygraph. You had better tell the examiner and not try and cheat the test. You will likely fail otherwise.

                Drug use is not something to play around with. I would strongly suggest complete disclosure and let the chips fall where they may. Good Luck.


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