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    Hey, two questions. I am applying for a few departments in the bay area, but because I am living in San Diego I took the post exam with the sheriffs dept. down here. I just recieved my score in the mail on a little gray sheet with the County of SD HR department. Is this what is referred to as the POST certification? Or is that a separate sheet I need to obtain?

    Second question is this. I am schedule to go take the POST exam and a few other things with SFPD next week. My T Score I just recieved is a 65.30. I am wondering if there is any point in studying and trying to obtain a higher T-score, or would this suffice? Do certain departments rank candidates by their score? Sorry, this may just be the over achiever in me


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    bump for a reply?


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      I am not an expert but I can tell you what I know.

      I have been looking at numerous agencies and have seen different acceptable T-Scores. One agency can sometimes require a higher T-Score than the next, so check the agencies you are interested in and see if yours is acceptable.

      As far as I have been able to tell, the T-Score and physical agility scores are typically "pass/fail", which means you either score high enough to pass or you don't.

      To the best of my knowledge most agencies do not use these in the final selection.

      The next step is typically an oral board (an interview). Most agencies seem to give some type of score which is used in how they select who to hire. Usually there is a cut-off score, which you must meet to be considered further.

      In some cases, maybe where there are many applicants, your score may place you into a "band", that is a group of people with similar scores. Sometimes agencies limited themselves to further processing only of those in Band A, and then will move to Band B when the need arises.

      Other agencies give you a score and you are incorporated into a list according to your score, or even into an already existing list according to your score.

      Ultimately, even if you score higher than the next guy, there is nothing to say they can't hire the next guy, as long as his score fell within a certain percentage according to their rules. Their rules might indicate they must hire from the top ten percent of applicants.

      Even those who are high on the list may eventually be weeded out because of their background. In this case the agency may end up hiring someone who scored much lower, but could pass a background.

      In short, every agency is different.

      I hope this helps and was not too confusing.
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