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Passed Polygraph!!!


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  • Passed Polygraph!!!

    Again, just wanting to share with everyone. I took my poly last night and passed. From start the finish, the entire process took about 3 hours, which to say the least is nerve-wracking. The examiner said that I "spiked" on only one question, but that it was nothing unusual and that he didn't think I was trying to hide anything. The question I spiked on was, "Have you ever lied to someone in authority?"
    Broad is an understatement for a question like this. Anyway, again, I just wanted to encourage those out there going through the process to keep on keepin' on. It's going to be worth it. I feel better about myself as a person for going through all of these tests. Final step is my Medical check.
    The place where you made your stand never mattered. Only that you were there... and still on your feet.

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    Congrats! Good luck in the rest of the process!


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      Thanks! I've successfully passed the 2 major things that were causing me the most stress (Psych and Poly). Hopefully everything else is smooth sailing from here for the most part. Now, I just have to get my big, out of shape ***** back into condition before the academy starts. Thanks again.
      The place where you made your stand never mattered. Only that you were there... and still on your feet.


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        Congrats to you, Redding.

        Wasn't too terribly bad, was it? I took mine 3 weeks ago right before I was hired and it all went fine as well. It was nerve-racking, but nothing close to what some had built it up to be. Good for you and good luck in the rest of the process. Keep at it.


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          Congrats to you redding and hope your pursuit of LE goes well for you!!!! I truly can't wait to go through the process myself! I'm hoping one day I'll be able to share the same thread with all those that have gotten selected to "Protect & Serve"!

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          07/27/08 : Applied
          09/27/08 : Written Test 89/100
          09/28/08 : PT Test Finished Top 3 In Group A
          09/29/08 : Oral Board I Must've Done Well
          10/03/08 : Eligibility Rank #3 Of 51 Remaining
          10/13/08 : Polygraph Passed
          10/15/08 : BI Initiated

          Arizona Highway Patrol
          08/18/08 : Applied
          10/13/08 : Withdrawn

          Pima County Sheriffs
          10/25/08 : PT Test
          10/25/08 : Written Test
          10/27/08 : Oral Board

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            "have you ever lied to authority/LE" is a control question... so they assume everyone has lied to that.
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