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  • MPDC Officers?? Advice??

    Hello. Scrolling through the forum, I noticed that there are some MPD (D.C.) officers here. I was wondering if you guys could give any advice on applying/the recruitment process with the MPD. As I alluded to in another thread, I applied to the MPD about 4 years ago. I went through the entire process, then heard nothing. My BI kept putting me off, putting me off, then it was silence. No letter of selection/non-selection, no phone calls, nothing. First of all, the "Hiring Process Chart" on the MPD website showed a 6 month process. (I see they now shortened it to 4 months.) Mine took about a year, but whatever. After a while, I started getting ansty. (I know a lot of fellow applicants complain about the "waiting", and I know that's just a part of the process, but this became ridiculous.) It got to the point where I really was clueless as to my status. I started calling my BI (calling, not harassing) to check my status. The BI kept ignoring, not returning my calls. When I FINALLY got a hold of her, she transferred me to a secretary who checked the "computer system" and showed that I had been sent out a letter. Well I never received it. So the BI asked if I would like to be sent the letter again, and of course I said yes. Guess what? Never received that one either. I pretty much gave up on the MPD, leaving a very bitter taste in my mouth.

    Now fast forward a few years to the present time: My interest in LE was re-sparked and I took the entrance exam for the NYPD. I am also considering applying to the MPD again. I thought I never would again, but who knows, right? I did call the MPD recruit line yesterday to inquire about my past process. The woman on the other end (who was very nice) asked me for my SSN. She typed it in and my name popped up. But besides my name, she said there was NO other information. She said what probably happened is that the department fulfilled its requirements, so I guess that means my whole application/hiring process was trashed. Don't you think I could have at least gotten a non-select letter? Or been put on an eligibility list....or something?? I suppose the whole experience was most frustrating because I applied to several other agencies in the past, and the MPD was the only process I totally completed. (Without being hired, of course.) I mean I spent a year of my life working with my BI, taking last minute time off of work b/c she "ordered" me to, doing things like knocking on neighbor's doors at the VERY last minute (at night) to get the to sign papers for me because she requested me to, etc. With all that said, I must be crazy, but I would like to apply to the MPD again. Maybe I just had a bad BI? Maybe it just wasn't the right time? Who knows.

    Is there any advice from MPDC Officers here that could help lead me through THIS process? What exactly is the MPD looking/not looking for? What is the recruitment department's stance on background issues such as past drug use and medications? I guess I'm just trying to figure out what I did wrong last time, and trying to correct it this time. BTW, I'm 30, have 79 college credits (returning to school part time this fall), recently unemployed from the construction management industry, and am brushing up/teaching myself Spanish. All your help/advice/answers are GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!!

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    Yea take it as a sign from a supreme being, and move along. I understand the allure of being a city cop in DC, its close to the are were you grew up and the pay is decent. Just move along bro, apply to the departments in Maryland, they are still hiring and offer a much better work place thusly making your quality of life much better.


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      I think you should go for it, they are trying to fill a bunch more slots for officers, and the process has become much more bearable. I took the test on the same day as one of my friends (June 14th) and he is already through all of the psych and med exams, completed background, etc. Mine is going a little slower, but within the first month all of my letters have been sent out to references/friends/employers and it seems to be moving along smoothly. I think it all depends on who your BI is, so you might have just gotten a lazy one. If you are still thinking about being an MPDC officer, it is obviously something that you really want to do so why wouldn't you at least give it another shot? Just my two cents


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        Just shut your damn hole

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