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BI's and credit checks!


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  • BI's and credit checks!

    I have just passed the civil test for a department. I have a question about when it is time to meet the BI. I was divorced this year and my credit took a fall. After running into a brick wall with my ex-husband about paying things he took out in my name or things I was under co-signer for, I am now going through a debt program. It is not a very large amount. Not big at all. I just want it fixed and I see I have to do it. I know the BI's look at your credit. Will this DQ me or will I still have a chance because I am doing something about it? There are also a few things on credit report that are not right, which I have taken the steps to fix that too. Any advice will help. Also, do I call ahead of time and talk to a BI and explain or do I wait until they call me and spill my guts? Also in my packet where it asked do you have anything to add, I put that in there. What should I do? Thanks in advance.
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    You're off to a good start. I would not contact the BI about anything until after you talk in person, you've already provided the information in your packet. If they want additional information from you they will ask for it.
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      i agree with kc12.. don't call the BI, we have lots going on already with plenty of files to review. Just make sure that you are working on the credit issues and have proof of that from documents from the credit agencies. We are generally willing to work with you as long as you are showing some initiative. Now on the opposite side.. if you have lots of debt that you are not paying on and just don't seem to care about it. I can guarantee that you won't get a job in my department. Just my .02... Good luck..


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