I know that I may be getting on some nerves here, but I can't help it. This is all so surreal for me. As noted in my last post, I took my Psych. test yesterday morning. The Doc told me that she would send the results over first thing this morning. Well apparently they got there and I'm not a whack job! I was getting ready to leave for work and my BI called me and informed me that they are still moving forward with me and that my polygraph is set up for this Thursday! I'm terrified and excited and terrified, etc, etc.
If/when I make it through this poly, the only thing left is a Medical exam<--which I'm not worried about. Other than being a bit out of shape, I'm fine.
I mainly write these to keep other's informed, but I also write them because I want the other applicant's out there to understand that this is a HUGE step in your life and you need to be ready. You need to be ready to truly work for what you want in life and you need to be ready to fight. You wouldn't give up in a firefight when your brother or sister's life is on the line and you shouldn't give up now. This IS worth fighting for. I am on my 3rd agency and I am finally moving forward. I pray that you all stay diligent and that you persevere. I will post again after Thursday with hopefully good news. You all please keep me in your prayers. Until then.