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Questions about a non-select letter


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  • Questions about a non-select letter

    I'm a little confused and hopefully someone (perhaps a BI) can help alleviate my confusion.

    Back on June 14 I took and passed the written test for San Diego PD. On June 21 I successfully passed the PAT and was given the Personal History Statement to fill out. I turned in my PHS on July 7, the day it was due, and patiently waited to hear back. On July 26 I received a letter from SDPD stating "...we regret to inform you that you will not be selected for the position." Okay, understandable. I can understand not being selected my first time out but I would have thought I would have at least met with a background investigator to review my PHS.

    The letter went on to say "This decision has been based on the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.), "Summary of P.O.S.T. Background Investigation Dimensions for Peace Officers". The P.O.S.T. Background Investigation Manual can be obtained at the following website:"

    I downloaded the pdf but it doesn't help me understand why I wasn't selected. The document appears to be a manual that is to be used by the background investigators and is quite long. I searched it for the phrase "Summary of P.O.S.T. Background Investigation Dimensions for Peace Officers" and found nothing.

    The letter then states (in big, bold letters) "NO FURTHER FEEDBACK ON THIS DECISION WILL BE PROVIDED FROM THIS OFFICE." Um... okay. So how do I know what to do to improve or change whatever is wrong? I will be calling a recruiter to try and get any additional information as well as talking with a friend that is a San Diego PD officer to get her input.

    The letter concludes by thanking me for my interest and wishing me luck with my future endeavors but makes no mention of if or when I could reapply.

    Am I done with SDPD, meaning do I have a zero chance of getting hired on with them now? How will it look on my part by trying to get any additional info about why I was a non-select? Should I just brush it aside and go through the process again?

    I should state that I am 35 years old, married for 8 years, a college graduate (BS in web development), have a few minor traffic (speeding) tickets (none in the past 2+ years) and a minor arrest from 9 years ago. All of this was fully disclosed and the arrest was not as bad as it sounds once explained in full detail. My credit rating is in the high range and aside from a student loan and car loan I have zero credit card bills. I did have quite a few jobs before going to college from 2002-2005 (mostly pizza/food delivery driver type positions). Since I finished college I have only worked for 3 different companies (one I was laid off from and the other was a four month contract position).

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    Please understand I can only provide you with some very general thoughts. For reasons best known to SDPD you were "Non Selected" as opposed to being Disqualified. With many agencies, particularly Civil Service agencies, DQs can be appealed, while Non Selects cannot be. Very few departments will provide an applicant with the reason(s) for a Non Select. In fact, that seems to have been stated in the letter you recieved. Many factors could have influenced the Department's decision not to continue you in the process. Quite possibly, it was the arrest you mentioned, and I can understand your reluctance to discuss that here. It's possible that you can get some feeling for the department's decision from your friend, but I doubt you'll recieve any further information from your BI. There may be a time in which you can re-apply with the SDPD, but you'll have to get that information from them. You are not precluded from applying to other agencies, but you'll need to disclose the fact that were Non Selected by SDPD. Prior to re-applying with SDPD, or with another agency, measure yourself objectively against the department's hiring standards. Hope things work out for you.


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      Thanks for the input PhilipCal. I am by no means letting this deter me, far from it in fact. SDPD is/was just one of the agencies I am currently applying with.

      One of my questions or concerns though, is that I was never even assigned a background investigator. I was under the impression that the BI would review my PHS with me, line by line. At least that's what I had heard from others. (I know you personally can't offer much input on that, I was just putting it out there.)


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        When you turned in your PHS packet, a BI probably did a prelim investigation on you. They found out something that they felt you were not qualified background wise for their agency. Dont give up! The SD Sheriff's department, along with many other fine agencies, are hiring. SDPD has had some serious financial problems and a lot of their trainees are washing out of the process. Please PM me if you have questions.


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