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    There is a lot talk about how BI's use MySpace and other social networking sites to gather information about a candidate, and in some occasions how ones online profile can be potentally damanging. I was wonder would it be damanging if you didn't have a myspace? I was able to stay clear from posting private information about myself on a very public arena growing up, while all my friends and peers were falling victim to the trend. But now since its almost the norm to have one would a BI be suspicious about a young candidate who doesn't belong to Myspace or facebook? Is it now a negative?
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    IMO, not having a MySpace or FaceBook is probably in your best interest.

    The majority of police agencies are still run by old time people (like myself) who smirk at what we see as this "CB radio" for the new era.

    As you say, most agencies use it to sink candidates who brag about drinking binges, gambling excursions, sexual exploits, etc. The other side of the coin is craving the on-line attention that those sites get you.
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      What percentage of young people would you guess have a social networking profile? There were about 1000 people in my high school graudation class, and about 10% of them are listed.
      If you're trying to get a job as a stand up comedian and don't have a profile then that's a major negative, but I don't see how that would be a factor in any other line of work.


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        I don't personally have a myspace page, but I do look at those of my applicants. They always seem to have interesting information on them.. =) Sometimes information that can be used to DQ them =)


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          I have Myspace, as do most of the younger guys i work with.
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