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Another Polygraph Question


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  • Another Polygraph Question

    I am interviewing on Wednesday and I know I'll pass. I was previously processing with a different agency, passed it all, but due to budget cuts my position was cut so I'm starting all over. The agency I already processed with used a CVSA. I passed. This new agency I'm processing with uses the polygraph. I was 100% honest in my CVSA and I plan to do the exact same with my polygraph. However, I am a naturally nervous person. Not out of fear because I'm lying, just more so intimidation.

    There is one question that always bothers me and it's the drug use question. One every application I've done it asks about drug use, and I fully admit that one time in high school I tried marijuana. One time - no more, no less. That's the God's honest truth. I've never even been around or done anything else with the exception of pain medicine that was prescribed by a surgeon for a knee injury.

    So here's my "dilemma"...I am def. a little nervous about taking the polygraph - out of intimidation - so everytime I see that question on an application and when I was asked during my CVSA I always think of the same thing - I used to date a guy who used marijuana on a frequent basis. Not once in my presense, but I knew about it. Young and dumb! So it makes me feel guilty by association.

    Am I insane & worrying too much? Like I said I have been 100% honest and admitted to my one time experiment.

    Any advice?

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    The textbook Polygraph exam goes something like this. The Examiner will go over all the questions he/she intends to ask you. This is the time to explain anything which might cause a reaction from the polygraph. Ideally, there should be no surprises. At this point I need to tell you I'm not a Polygraph Examiner, however I've taken a few in the distant past. You'll hear horror stories concerning the Polygraph, and no doubt, some are true. The polygraph is a tool. No more, no less. Be honest. Stay consistant with your answers. Good luck!!


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