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So now the sweating begins......


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  • So now the sweating begins......

    Out of 130 original applicants I was placed #2 on the hire list with my agency of choice. Within 2 weeks I had completed my initial interview, got the conditional offer of employment, completed the MMPI2 written pshyc, medical, sit down interview with pshyc and the poly graph. As far as I have been told, I have passed everything. I spoke with a deputy that is a friend of mine that that they crammed me through in 2 weeks on everything. His response was "you were on the accelerated list". In the original orientation I went to in May they said that if you had lived in the area for more than 5 years, a background would take roughly a month or so and I told that to my friend and his response was "Dont be suprised if yours goes faster than that".

    Well my poly was completed last thursday and the final step is the background investigation. As far as I know none of my references have been contacted as of yet. Is this a bad sign? I have been told by the LT. that I did the interview with that "no news is good news". But for some reason I am really sweating this one and the "no news is good news" line is getting old to be honest with you (but I guess it is what it is).

    I guess I am just worried because this is the agency I REALLY want to work for. Does any of the above soud like it is normal?

    Sorry, just needed to vent a little.

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    Sounds fairly normal to me, I was left in the dark for about 4 months before I was finally contacted to go to the academy. There is a lot of waiting and not knowing if you are looking into getting a career in this field.


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