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Ride Along Attire?


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  • Ride Along Attire?

    Hey guys, this may have been brought up before but I could not find it. I am going for a ride along tonight. It is with the department that I am apllying with right now. I always make sure I am dressed appropriatley when I go to the department, but I think a suit is overkill for a ridealong. Will kahki pants and a button up shirt be underdressed. Dress shoes or tennis shoes? BTW it is 100F outside right now. Thanks for the help!

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    In my agency, riders wear a polo shirt OR button-up and nice khaki (or darker) business casual pants. They also must have a vest, issued by our agency, or one of their own (if prev. or former police). Also, NO DO NOT CARRY ANY WEAPONS (knives, guns (unless current police), batons, etc)
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      Khaki pants and a polo shirt with appropriate shoes should be fine. Like stated above, no guns. A legal knife should be fine, just keep it in your pocket.


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        I have gone on 4 ride alongs ( with different agencies). Only on one did they have me wear something other than street clothes. Also, they have never had me wear a vest. I guess is not normal.


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          Make sure you have clean underwear in case there's an accident.

          And no pumps. Wear flats.
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            I would wear khakis and a polo shirt. Just look decent, most people WILL think you are the police too, so be prepared and have fun. It may also be a good idea to bring a pocket sized notepad and a pen.


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